10 Things You Didn’t Know About Marc Storace

Marc Storace is a rock vocalist who became known for his high-pitched vocals with raunchy overtones. He has a long and storied history in the rock music industry, with numerous fans. We wanted to learn more about his personal life as well as more highlights of his professional career in the industry. He, like many famous musicians, has a lot of stories to tell and has experienced more in his life than many of us will ever know. Here are 10 things about Marc Storace that you might not know, even if you’re a fan.

1. He is Maltese born

According to Wikipedia, Marc Storace was born in a small town on the northeastern coast of Malta, called Sliema. the town is a major commercial and residential part of the Northern Harbour District, as well as being the most densely populated town on the island of Malta. Storace was born on October 7, 1951, and he will turn seventy years old this Fall.

2. Marc got his start with a Swiss band

Marc Storace is best known for his posturing with the Swiss hard rock group Krokus. He was brought on board s a songwriter, lead singer, and frontman for the group in 1980. Storace embraced on a Farewell Tour with Krokus in April of 2019 and remains active in rock music projects to this day.

3. Marc Storace tried his hand at acting

In addition to his vocal and songwriting career, Storace has been involved with other aspects of the entertainment industry. He is also an actor. He appeared in roles in Swiss-German films “Handyman,” and “Anuk.” He not only assumed roles of acting in the films, but he also wrote and sang songs for both of the soundtracks associated with the films.

4. He has worked with multiple rock bands

Marc Storace is mostly known for his performances as the lead singer for Krokus, but he was active in music for a decade before he joined the group. He also performed with a Swiss group of progressive rockers called TEA. Marc also performed a variety of duets, served as a guest singer in several groups, both wrote songs and sang with other groups, and has also engaged in solo projects.

5. He’s had a longstanding feud with Dee Snider

According to Blabbermouth, Marc Storace had a longstanding ongoing feud with Dee Snider of Twisted Sister. It was largely because Snider had made cutting remarks about the band Krokus, referring to the group as “Krapus,” and making other disparaging remarks. The hard feelings resulted after the former tour manager for Krokus hired Snider’s wife to sew stage outfits in 1982, then wouldn’t pay her for the work. They not only cheated her out of her earnings, but they also threatened her. This is the situation that caused the problems.

6. Storace cleared up the issue with Snider

When asked about the situation that Snider alluded to in his autobiography, Marc explained what happened. After Suzette completed the stage outfits, the group did not like them and they refused to purchase them. It isn’t like they ever wore them or stole them. They simply didn’t like her work and didn’t follow through with the purchase, but that isn’t how Snider saw it.

7. Marc was kicked off the bill for the Rock Meets Classic concert

The two bands that were at odds with one another for years were to perform on the same stage at the Wacken Open Air Rock Meets Classic concert. Snider requested that Storace be removed from the bill. He refused to go on stage if Storace was present. To have Dee Snider perform, Marc Storace was removed from the bill. When asked about the situation, Marc indicated that there isn’t any kind of hatchet to bury and that the only person who is keeping the problem going is Dee Snider. Various members of the group, including Storace, have made gestures to try and bridge the gap and to heal the rift over a few beers and a handshake, but that hasn’t happened yet.

8. He also performed with Easy Mony

According to Vinylwriter Music, Marc Storace left his spot with the group TEA to return to London and join a new wave group called Easy Money. He wasn’t with the group for long, but he did spend about 18 months performing with the group. It was while he was with Easy Money that he was offered the spot of leadman for the band Krokus. The decision had to be made quickly after the offer was made as to the group already had a record contract in the works. He accepted and the rest is history.

9. Marc Storace was inspired by his family

Marc was raised in a musical family that gave him his initial love of music. His father sang tenor at their local church and Marc grew up with that kind of music. He was introduced to rock and roll through a jukebox. He joined his first band in Malta at the age of fourteen. He started out playing bass, but when the lead singer became ill, he substituted as lead singer and this is when he discovered his talent for being a lead man.

10. Marc is showing no signs of slowing down

Marc Storace has spent about fifty years of his life in the music industry. It’s become a way of life and how he has earned his living. The guy has a three-octave vocal range and a commanding stage presence. He’s still got it with just as much charm and charisma as even. he isn’t showing any signs of slowing down and he is still involved with multiple rock and roll projects. Marc Storace has become a legend in the world of Rock and Roll. He’s one of the old guys who has been around for a while but he’s still got what it takes to thrill fans onstage.

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