Marvel Wanted Shia LaBeouf As A Superhero Until His Sexual Battery Lawsuit

Marvel wanted to cast LaBeouf as a superhero, but this plan was canceled after a sexual battery lawsuit. Would you like to see him as a superhero?

According to Variety’s report, Marvel recently reported that they have plans for LaBeouf, but after the sexual battery lawsuit, they canceled these plans.

Shia Labeouf actually had a very successful start into his career, so it’s no surprise that Marvel and the MCU took him in their plans. Born in 1986, the actor is known for Transformers movies and Disney Channel productions. The actor who was considered a young star early in his career was nominated for the Young Artist Award in 2001 and won the Daytime Emmy Award in 2003. Moreover, the actor directed the movie ‘Let’s Love Hate’ in 2004 and Maniac in 2011.

However, the life of the successful player is now turned upside down. LaBeouf, who performed very well in the movie ‘Honey Boy‘, caught Marvel‘s attention.

Unfortunately, the following events caused Marvel to spoil its plans. LaBeouf met his ex-girlfriend FKA Twigs on the set of ‘Honey Boy’. Although the two had a good relationship at first, Twigs later sued LaBeouf, stating that he suffered physical and verbal abuse.

Before these charges came up, Marvel Studios was looking at LaBeouf for the role of a superhero. Kevin Feige and his team were impressed by him after the performance of ‘Honey Boy’ but did not say what role they were planning. However, after these sexual battery lawsuits, Marvel canceled their plans and did not offer LaBeouf.

Marvel Studios is renowned for creating a great working environment for their projects and for their chosen cast. So while LaBeouf as an actor is perfect for a role, they may have been turned off by claims that it was difficult to work with him. After all, they can look for other actors who would not cause production problems. Most importantly, choosing an actor accused of hurting and harassing women as a superhero is completely wrong, especially because he admits that he previously had these tendencies.

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