Game of Thrones and Sex Education actors movie The Winter Lake is now available in USA

The Winter Lake movie’s first trailer of which dropped a month ago is now available to be rented or purchased in the United States on VOD.

The Winter Lake is a movie directed by Phil Sheerin and set in Ireland, starring Game of Thrones star Michael McElhatton and Sex Education star Emma Mackey. Including two big-time actors, the film tells of a father-daughter who is keeping a family secret. That secret is not so secure, though, as an emotionally fragile boy and his father move to town. The film runs roughly for one and a half hours, 91 minutes to be exact. Having dropped its first trailer exactly a month ago, The Winter Lake is now available on video-on-demand services. You can watch the two-minute-long trailer for it below.

We’re familiar with Emma Mackey, playing Maeve Wiley, from Netflix’s drama Sex Education, while Michael McElhatton plays the role of Roose Bolton in Game of Thrones. Both actors have experience playing in big productions, so it makes fans excited when they team up for something like this.

What is the story of The Winter Lake?

We also see the mom-emotional son duo Elaine and Tom, who are respectively played by Anson Boon and Charlie Murphy. When Tom discovers a sack inside which there’s a skeleton of a baby, he decides to hide it in his room. After befriending his new neighbors Holly and Ward, Tom cannot hide his feelings and Holly realizes that he knows their secret.

To sum up, the thriller directed by Phil Sheerin, starring successful actors from Game of Thrones and Sex Education, is now available in the US. Fans will have to wait for a release date for the UK citizens, unfortunately. You can watch the two-minute-long trailer for it below!

What do you think about this movie, will you watch The Winter Lake? Do you like the star actors playing in this film? Do not hesitate to share your thoughts with us.

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