Maynard James Keenan: “I was able to do the TOOL show”

Maynard James Keenan talks in his new interviews for his COVID-19 (coronavirus) battle. He also says he wants to make new TOOL shows.

TOOL, A PERFECT CIRCLE, and PUSCIFER vocalist and songwriter Maynard recently shared his battle for COVID-19. In his new interview with on the ‘The Joe Rogan Experience‘ new episode. He also can be heard as a guest in this program on October 23rd, 2020. They also mention with Maynard on politics, the ‘Borat’ movie, PUSCIFER band’s upcoming new album ‘Existential Reckoning: Live At Arcosanti‘ concert. This album also out on October 30th with this event.

In this new interview Maynard James Keenan also depth-review his COVID-19 and jokes:

“No, it was happening. I asked the doctor when I got to New Zealand ‘do you think this is COVID?’ He’s like, ‘did you have a fever?’ I’m like I don’t remember if I had a fever, well then ‘you didn’t have COVID.’ Okay. So I got through that. I was able to do the TOOL show I didn’t have to close my throat down enough that I would have to cancel.

Maynard added:

Then the next show was going to be in the Northwest… It was not, it was not fun. We had to kind of adjust to set around a little bit, don’t put the hard ones in. I got to Hawaii to go train with Luis.

And some of the guys there, Chad was a Muay Thai instructor. And I’m starting to do the Muay Thai I’m like, ‘dude, this hurts’ like, I’ve never, my hands have never hurt this bad. I thought maybe I sprained them because right after I recovered in New Zealand.

I went and trained in New Zealand, thinking, I’m just gonna fucking gut it out, you know, I’m gonna walk it off, rub some dirt on it and I felt okay then. But when I finally got to Maui, I’m like, this is not right. This hurts I can’t fucking do this. I thought well maybe I sprained my wrist, so months go by that they’re not healing, I’m going through harvest [at his winery] at this point, and like nothing’s [changing] they’re not healing.

But I finally went to a doctor, an arthritis doctor, and he was like ‘okay so walk me through when you first saw…’ And I started walking him through everything he goes, ‘you had COVID.’ And what are some of the side effects that you find are the are that inflammation. So whatever I guess so it’s some kind of a rheumatoid response. That alone would be well maybe, I’m just 56 and I have arthritis.

But my blood work was completely clean everywhere else no other issues anywhere else in my body but just the wrists, explaining that, but I still have the cough. So whatever cough I had whatever cough I got in New Zealand, like every other day, I’ll have a coughing fit for, you know, for 10 minutes, coughing up stuff, so I have lung damage from it still.”

Maynard also replied: “Well we already have that. Rogan responded that “Oh I don’t think he’s a Nazi. He’s got a Jewish son-in-law. He can’t be a Nazi.”

You can also watch this full episode below.


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