Monster Hunter Rise Reveals Free Demo, Videos, Platforms and Release Date

Monster Hunter Rise shares new game videos and a free demo of the game. We prepared the video games’ release date, platforms, and all details.

CAPCOM released a trailer for the Monster Hunter Rise game during the Monster Hunter Rise event on Thursday. You will also be able to play the Monster Hunter Rise demo for free from January 7 until February 1.  We have prepared the official release date of the game, which platforms it will come to, and its story for you.

What is Monster Hunter Rise?

Monster Hunter first appeared on Playstation 2 in 2002 and was finally released on many platforms in 2019 as Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

Monster Hunter Rise is an RPG game comprising unique culture and innovative hunting technologies. You will experience many adventures and discover many hunting areas in Kamura Village. Players use loot from earning rewards to kill monsters, gather resources, and craft advanced weapons, armor, and other items that allow them to face stronger monsters. Hunters can deal with these challenges alone or with up to three players in local or cooperative online play.

When Monster Hunter Rise Demo Release Date?

As of January 7, 2021, Monster Hunter Rise has been released with new videos. Also, there was a pleasant surprise for the players. The demo of Monster Hunter Rise will be available for free, from January 7 until 03:00 on February 1.

The Monster Hunter Rise demo will feature multiple missions. Two training missions, including one riding wyvern, will be available alongside the hunt of two different monsters: Great Izuchi and Mizutsune. The demo will also include online play and the chance to test 14 Monster Hunter weapon types to see how players change in Rise.

When Monster Hunter Rise Release Date?

Monster Hunter Rise is set to launch on March 26, 2021.

Monster Hunter Rise Platforms

There is sad news. While Monster Hunter World has been announced for all platforms, Monster Hunter Rise will be released exclusively for Nintendo Switch. But let’s not lose hope because there are also rumors that it can come to the PC.

Monster Hunter Rise Pre-Orders and Special Editions

Monster Hunter Rise is available for pre-order now and has 3 different versions.
Standard Edition, $59.99, and The Deluxe Edition costs $69.99 and comes with Deluxe Kit Content with the following features:

  • Hunter layered armor “Kamurai” set
  • Palamute layered armor piece “Shuriken Collar”
  • Palico layered armor piece “Fish Collar”
  • Gestures (4 Jumps)
  • Samurai pose set
  • Kabuki face paint
  • “Izuchi Tail” hairstyle

There’s also the Collector’s Edition for $ 99.99 and this comes with all the content in the Deluxe Edition, as well as the Magnamalo amiibo, Monster icon sticker pack, and Kamura Mark – Enamel Pin.

Monster Hunter Rise Game Videos and Trailer

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