My Hero Academia Season 5 Release Date, Trailer, Synopsis and Details

My Hero Academia fans are still waiting, and there is very little time left for the new season! All the details you need to know are here.

The return of the popular anime series My Hero Academia with the new season has been officially announced. Fans wonder what Deku will go through in his story of becoming Japan’s greatest hero in Season 5.

My Hero Academia is a Japanese superhero manga series written by Kōhei Horikoshi. The Manga series, which started to be published in 2014, was animated by Bones in 2016. The first four seasons of the anime have already released and the next season will be released in 2021.

What is the synopsis of My Hero Academia?

The story of My Hero Academia is passing today, but there is something wrong in the world. 80% of the world’s population has strange powers and abilities. These special abilities allowed the human race to flourish, and heroes who devoted themselves to good, as well as villains, came to be known as Pro Heroes.

Midoriya, My Hero Academia
Midoriya (Deku), My Hero Academia

The proliferation of these strange powers did not affect our main character Izuku Midoriya (Deku), in fact, he does not have any special powers. However, this situation cannot prevent Izuku Midoriya’s dreams. My Hero Academia tells the story of a young man with dreams. It is the story of hope against the millions of people with very strong and very special abilities.

When is the My Hero Academia season 5 release date?

The anime series has only released one season per year since 2016. The series which has 4 seasons so far, will release its new season in March 2021. The 5th season of My Hero Academia is expected to consist of 13 episodes.

Also, towards the end of 2021, My Hero Academia is expected to release a new animated movie. If there is new information shared about the movie, we will keep you updated.

What happened in My Hero Academia Season 4?

Season 4 started with the arrival of a new villain named Overhaul, who wanted to return the world to the times before Quirks existed. Overhaul is taken over by Shie Hassaikai’s former boss and wants to empower the yakuza as a way to get his debt back. Overhaul’s evil plans come true and he uses the blood and cells of a young girl named Eri to make bullets to destroy the Quirks. However, he then had to leave Eri.

With the help of the other heroes, including Kirishima, Uereka and Asui, Midoriya manages to defeat Overhaul and save Eri, but they do suffer some losses. All of Overhaul’s experiments with the Eri cause the girl’s psychological trauma and lose the behavior of happiness and smile. She doesn’t even know what it means to be happy. But of course, there is a happy ending. After seeing Class 1-A’s performance, she finally smiles.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Trailer

The first trailer for the 5th season of the series was released in October 2020, followed by a new trailer in December.

Shinso, My Hero Academia
Shinso, My Hero Academia

A familiar face reappeared in the trailers. Shinso, whose powerful Brainwashing Quirk would allow him to control someone for a period. But as long as he only answers questions. As you may remember, Shinso was angry that some Quirks were considered more acceptable and Quirk was more suitable for villains. However, after losing Midoriya, he had promised he would become a better hero. But now, Shinso has a goal: to be accepted into the hero class and this joint training is his opportunity to prove his worth.

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