Netflix and HBO Max Ready to Make A Deal with Zack Snyder

HBO Max and Netflix reportedly have eyes on popular director Zack Snyder for him to create exclusive content for each streaming platform.

Zack Snyder has been under the spotlight for some time now. His cut of Justice League finally released after making fans wait for a long time, and it did great. Actually, it outperformed Warner Bros’ executives’ expectations. This success reportedly leads them to consider the sequel for Zack Snyder’s Justice League to be released for the theatres. You can read our related article below. But Warner Bros was not the only party interested in Snyder’s potential, it seems.

HBO Max and Netflix have eyes on Zack Snyder

As per a report by Small Screen, Netflix and HBO Max are ready to make a deal with Zack Snyder. The streaming platforms want the popular director to create exclusive content for them. This is not official and we do not know what Snyder would choose, but the idea of more Snyder content is to the excitement of many cinephiles. Anyway, here’s what the sources of Small Screen say about those two streaming platforms that want to agree with Snyder on an exclusive deal.

And here’s what the source from Netflix had to say about this potential deal:

“Netflix wants Snyder to make films just for them. They’re trying to get him to sign a similar deal to the one Fincher signed. This would mean that his next projects would come out only on Netflix and be Netflix exclusives. No word on whether he’s accepted or declined yet.”

Here’s what the source from HBO Max:

“I’m hearing that HBO Max is desperately trying to get Snyder to sign an exclusivity deal with them. This would be the first for the company, but they are so happy with Justice League – reaction and the movie itself – that they want him to do more and work solely for them. No one else.”

We will wait and see for ourselves what will happen about this potential deal.

Which platform do you think Zack Snyder will choose, and why? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us.

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