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Serj Tankian Says 2020 is The Worst Year of His Life

Serj Tankian is unhappy with the year 2020 like us and sees this year as the worst year of his life. I think we all agree with it.

SOAD is an Armenian-American alternative metal band, founded in the United States in 1994. The group had dissolved twice before but got back together in 2010 and 2015. However, the SYSTEM OF A DOWN has not produced a project for a long time, and the band’s vocalist Serj Tankian is mostly producing solo projects recently.

Serj Tankian talked about METALLICA and said he wanted to make music like them. Click here to read the interview.

Serj Tankian, who recently interviewed Rolling Stone, spoke about the year 2020.

Answering the question of how this year was and how would you describe 2020, Serj Tankian stated that it was a completely desperate and sad year. He said it was the worst year of his life and a tough year in physical, mental, economic, political, and many aspects: “Likely the worst year of my life. Not too under- or over-emphasized, I guess. It’s been a very incredibly challenging year, both physically, mentally, emotionally, internationally, politically, socially, economically…

I’ve had a lot of health things happen, and over the years and at the beginning of the year until now, family problems with COVID and stuff like that.”

Serj Tankian, who lost his uncle in New York and many of his friends, is hopeful for the future despite everything, and he hopes, this year of disasters will pass and a wonderful future will come.

“There are definitely, I think, huge currents happening in the world which are in the short term extremely negative, but hopefully, in the long term, they will be positive because there is always upheaval before the change.

There are so many bad political events happening around him and the state leaders pretend to never be defeated, how hopeful is the despite them? His family and child give him this strength and make him hopeful.

I ask for that hope because I have a child. And to contemplate the world that’s going to be worse for him than me is unthinkable. So I have that hope that it will be better for him, and that’s literally the only kind of like horoscope.”

You can watch the teaser of the audiobook named ‘Nil’, one of Serj Tankian’s latest projects, below.

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