Our Last Night’s 10 Best Covers of All Time

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Our Last Night made their mark in the metal world with their absolutely phenomenal covers seemingly so many years ago. While their original stuff is also just as good, if not better, I think we’ll just be sticking with their covers for this list (I’ll do originals next, deal?) So, what are my 10 favorite Our Last Night covers of all time?

10. Someone You Loved (Lewis Capaldi)


Our Last Night on their own is spectacular, but when you combine them with I See Stars, The Word Alive, and Ashland? Oh man, it’s a whole new level of awesome. Sure, I enjoy Lewis Capaldi’s version of the song just as much as the next person, but Our Last Night’s cover takes the cake in my opinion.

9. Heavy (Linkin Park)


Linkin Park is probably my favorite band of all time and while I love the original version of Heavy, Our Last Night adds a bit of that well…heaviness that many wanted to hear from the original version. Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way saying that one is better than the other, because they’re both beautiful renditions of the song, but if you’re looking for a heavier version of Heavy, I’d definitely recommend taking a look at Our Last Night’s version!

8. Hot Girl Bummer (blackbear)


I’m not the hugest fan of blackbear, outside of a couple of his biggest hits like “idfc,” but something about Our Last Night’s version of Hot Girl Bummer is such a banger. I’m pretty sure that it’s because of Trevor screaming the second verse as it gets heavier and heavier. This is definitely the best version of Hot Girl Bummer that I have ever heard (especially when Trevor screams “and you want me to change? F*** you!)

7. Eleanor Rigby (The Beatles)


Another cover that’s more on the softer side, but still shows off Trevor’s sick vocals, Eleanor Rigby is one of my favorite Beatles songs of all time, and while most people say that the best way to cover The Beatles is to not cover The Beatles, Our Last Night completely ignores it and makes Eleanor Rigby their own, while also keeping it pretty familiar. There’s times when I think that I’m listening to the original song, and then there’s times when I have no idea what I’m listening to, and I love that about this cover.

6. drivers license (Olivia Rodrigo)


It’s been quite a long time since I’ve listened to a good old breakup song, and in all honesty the only place that I’ve heard the original song by Olivia Rodrigo is on TikTok, but Our Last Night does such a fantastic job making this their own and adding the classic Trevor screams and singing perfectly; it definitely gets the emotion and the pain in the song across in a heartbreaking, but totally awesome way.

5. My Ex’s Best Friend (Machine Gun Kelly)


This song is great. I love the original, I love the cover, and I particularly love the short bit (too short, if you ask me) that we get to see of Matt screaming. Typically we just see Trevor doing most of the screaming while Matt does most of the singing, but in My Ex’s Best Friend, we see a bit of a mix of both. I really hope that we get to see more of Matt screaming in the future, because wow. Machine Gun Kelly x Our Last Night, when?

4. Wrecking Ball (Miley Cyrus)


Okay, I get it; it’s a Miley Cyrus song (trust me, I understand), but there is a very distinct difference between Miley Cyrus’ version of the song and Our Last Night’s. The way that Our Last Night performs this song is just absolutely beautiful, and it actually allows the listener to hear the lyrics of the song, which are actually really deep and powerful. This is definitely one of Our Last Night’s least heavy covers

3. Astronaut in the Ocean (Masked Wolf)


Coming in at number 3, we’ve got Astronaut in the Ocean, originally by Masked Wolf. Now, I haven’t heard much else outside of the chorus from the original song, so the first time I heard Our Last Night’s cover of it, I thought that it was an original. I’ve been playing this song on repeat almost every single time I work out, it’s just such an aggressive and energetic song, which makes it one of my all time favorite covers by Our Last Night.

2. 1-800-273-8255 (Logic)


I remember when this song, as well as Our Last Night’s cover of it, came out – I didn’t stop listening for probably a week and didn’t stop crying my eyes out for a single minute of that time. This song is one of the most powerful songs that I have ever heard in my entire life, and Our Last Night brings it up to a completely new level. I remember this was one of the first songs that I really got to hear Trevor’s voice shine, and the back and forth between him and Matt is just incredible.

1. Look What You Made Me Do (Taylor Swift)


My (current) favorite Our Last Night cover of all time is none other than Look What You Made Me Do by the one and only Taylor Swift. This completely switches up the original song and gives it some much needed aggression and screaming. The song just feels angry and I love every second of it.

Our Last Night is definitely one of the most underrated bands in the industry right now, and I highly suggest you check out not only their covers, but also their original music as well!

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