When is the release date Rise of Empires Ottoman season 2 for Netflix?

Rise of Empires Ottoman season 1 already releases on Netflix on 24 January 2020. Now, the viewers waiting for season 2 of this Rise of Empires: Ottoman docuseries.

This series tells a story about the Fall of Constantinople. As part of the wider spread of Islam across Asia Minor and into South-East Europe. Ottoman Empire Sultan Mehmed II wages an epic campaign to take the Eastern Roman capital of Constantinople (Fatih). Also, this shapes the course of history for centuries. This docuseries filmed in Turkey and the US with Turkish actors. But they are speaking in English.

This series including bombastic battle scenes, cannons, explosions, fire arrows. We watch short scenes between characters and narration. Also, historians from all over the world to help us understand just how Mehmed II manages his actions were in the 14th century. He was one of the youngest kings for the empires of the Ottoman.

Rise of Empires: Ottoman also focuses on one of the king key rivals at the time, the Genoise fighter Giovanni Giustiniani. Giustiniani was one of the key holdouts in Constantinople, and the series describe him as a leader and lover to a young woman named Therma Sphrantzes.

When is the Rise of Empires Ottoman season 2 release date?

We don’t have any official renewal dates and probably we can’t hear about the future of the series until a few months after the release date on Netflix. We can sure the season 2 of Rise of Empires because the end of episode 6 sees Fatih Sultan Mehmet stare into the camera to say “so, we begin”.

We can share the when Netflix announce Rise of Empires Ottoman season 2 release dates. Expect date: 2021

Which series should you watch after the Rise of Empires?

Do you need more series like the Rise of Empires? Here’s our recommendation:

  • Roman Empire – N anthology series
  • Knightfall – This is a historical drama
  • The Last Kingdom – Historical drama
  • The Last Czars: Docudrama like the Rise of Empires
  • The Witcher

Are you want to watch Rise of Empires Ottoman season 2 anytime soon? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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