Russian Doll season 2 - cast, release date, synopsis and trailer: watch

Netflix’s new series Russian Doll has attracted a big audience in very short time after it’s release, breaking the internet. It is not yet announced if Season 2 is coming or when that would happen. But there is hope taking into account that the series were originally pitched as 3 Seasons.

When Russian Doll season 2 release date?

It’s written by Amy Poehler and starring the charismatic Natasha Lyonne, formerly known as Nicky Nichols from OITNB. A cynical game developer in New York, we see her in a character reminiscent of Nicky we know and love, with much better-maintained hair. The plot is similar to that of Groundhog Day. Our main character Nadia is trapped in a time loop on her 36th birthday party which keeps ending up with her dying in an accident and finding herself alive, in the bathroom facing the mirror. In her efforts to figure why all this is happening, she runs into Alan. The polar opposites delve into questions of life and death as they try to make sense of this loop. We see them face their traumas as the adventure unfolds. A very well executed work, both cinematically and plot-wise, Russian Doll will keep you on the edge of your seat with a decent dosage of laugher and suspense.

When Russian Doll season 2 release date?Russian Doll‘s first season was released on February 1 on Netflix. We’re hoping to see a season two around the same time (February 2020) next year. So much for wishful thinking.

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