Ryan Reynolds and Disney Have A Disagreement Over Deadpool 3

Ryan Reynolds has become one of the most popular and beloved superheroes with his character of Deadpool that he seemed entrenched in the Marvel Cinematic Universe tightly. But now, some rumors have been wandering around about Reynolds is leaving Disney because he is unhappy with possible censorship for his upcoming Deadpool 3 movie. This worrying news shows there might be a possible issue between Marvel and the actor.

On the further side, Ryan Reynolds has actually managed to create a whole new brand for the Marvel Universe which expands the genre in so many ways we’ve seen before. As many of you know, he is the creative director and also the founder of the company and he recently moved Maximum Effort off of the studio lot which has been told. The rumors say that happened because Reynolds is unhappy with Disney handling the production and meddling too much in the movie.

It has been claimed that Disney has been “censoring” the upcoming, and highly-anticipated Deadpool 3 to a degree that can not be aligned rather than the previous movie productions.

All rumors about Ryan Reynolds Deadpool 3 Movie

The rumor around Ryan Reynolds being unhappy with Disney comes from the news that he recently moved his production company Maximum Effort off of the studio lot. He is the founder and creative director of the company, naming it off of the Deadpool catchphrase. The rumor has it that Reynolds isn’t pleased with how the company is handling the production of the upcoming, and highly-anticipated Deadpool 3. The rift appears to have been caused by the studio meddling too much in the movie and “censoring” it to a degree that doesn’t align with previous Deadpool productions.

So, it seems the real conflict between Ryan Reynolds and Disney also wants to keep the Deadpool 3 in line with the previous ones while Disney wants to take a whole new approach with the opposition to its Marvel franchise by keeping the movie family-friendly and line it up for all kinds of audiences.

According to these speculations, it might be right to say that Disney wants to tame the production, which in my opinion might really screw up the whole atmosphere and the well-crafted humor and the originality of the main character in Deadpool 3. So, If these rumors are true, I really agree with Ryan Reynolds and stand his side of course.

In the meantime, Marvel and Ryan Reynolds are currently working on Deadpool 3 script. And Kevin Feige has also expressed that the anticipated movie will much likely keep its R-rating on the big screen. People might have been saying the right things for franchises moving forward, but also it should be kept in mind that not all R-ratings can be equal as well. There are also lots of variables on the matter about “R” as you can see.

Eventually, beyond the money side, Ryan Reynolds probably wants to maintain the franchise’s style which has made him highly acclaimed and beloved. So, maybe this is why there might be a possible rift for Ryan Reynolds with Disney, after all. What do you think?

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