SLAYER’s Dave Lombardo on His Replacement of METALLICA’s Lars Ulrich

SLAYER‘s Dave Lombardo talks about the METALLICA concert in 2004. You can find the details about the interview below.

Dave Lombardo, actual name David Lombardo, was born in 1965 in Havana, Cuba. He is also one of the founding members of the American-thrash metal band SLAYER. He founded the band SLAYER in 1981 and became one of the iconic names in the music world.

While METALLICA was preparing for the concert in 2004, Lars Ulrich was hospitalized with an unknown illness. So, leading the band to hire Lombardo, classic SLIPKNOT drummer Joey Jordison, and Lars’ drum tech Flemming Larsen.

Dave Lombardo spoke to Spek N ‘Destroy recently. During the conversation, the SLAYER drummer talked about the Download Festival in England in 2004.

As you know, Lars Ulrich was hospitalized before the concert and METALLICA needed a drummer. At that moment, SLAYER‘s manager reached out to Dave and talked about the situation. “‘Hey Dave, we have a bit of a crisis – Lars can’t make it to the show. ‘ And I was like, ‘OK, what’s going on?”

Dave added: “And they asked if I’d be interested. I don’t know if he said if I’m interested in doing the set or a few songs or whatever, but I took one look at the setlist, and I wasn’t very familiar with their later material, so I agreed to the two opening songs.”

Dave talked about getting along very well with the METALLICA members and hanging out: “I met up with the guys and we hung out in their little like rehearsal room, dressing room, and we jammed on two songs that I was familiar with, and then shortly after that, we went on stage.”

Also, he added: “We had a great time in the room, loved those guys. I’ve never had any beef with them or anything.”

Dave also said that he had already known Robert Trujillo since his Suicidal Tendencies days and has performed with him before.

Dave, who performed the songs “Battery” and “The Four Horsemen”, lastly talked about the wonderful double bass section.

He said: “Especially when I went into the double bass section in ‘Battery’ at the end, and James Hetfield was like, ‘Fuck!'”

You can watch Dave’s performances with METALLICA below.


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