10 Awesome Songs about Abusive Relationships

Green Day

Abusive relationships come in many forms, including physical, psychological/emotional, threats and intimidation, financial, property destruction, and harassment. Perpetrators often isolate the victims or threaten them if they disclose anything to anyone. Clueless victims like children might not know they are facing abuse at the hands of abusive caregivers, and so do adults who don’t know their rights. According to Safe Horizon, people in abusive relationships tend to feel belittled no matter their efforts to make things right. Anyone can subject you to abuse, but it takes a third eye to notice you’re on the losing end. The perpetrator already knows you’re too weak to leave or blame yourself for the abuse. Here are ten awesome songs about abusive relationships to help you understand different forms of abuse.

10. Pulling Teeth – Green Day (1994)


People in abusive relationships might not know what to expect from their loved ones, mainly if they started exceptionally well. Eventually, problems become worse, so if the victim doesn’t remove themselves from the equation and seek therapy, they might feel emotionally wrecked. Pulling teeth is a song by Green Day that talks about a man suffering emotional abuse from his girlfriend. The bassist, Mike Dirnt, recollects a pillow fight he had with his former girlfriend that resulted in him getting injured. While there’s a dark humor to the song, you can tell it wasn’t one of his best life experiences. The message is to get out of an abusive relationship before getting injured.

9. Alyssa Lies – Jason Michael Carroll (2006)


Alyssa Lies is a track recorded and written by Jason Carroll, an American country musician, in 2006. He sings about a girl being bullied by a classmate called Alyssa at school. The girl’s father feels terrible about the scenario and decides to step in. unknown to him, the victim beats Alyssa to death. The artist’s message is to tell teachers and the community not to condone bullying, as victims always get hurt in the process.

8. Hell is for Children – Pat Benatar (1980)


Hell is for Children is a hard rock song performed by Pat Benatar, an American rock singer. The singer would often come across written pieces about child abuse in the New York Times. What shocked her was that the cases kept escalating, prompting her to write about it. In her 1980 album “Crimes of Passion,” the track mentions how child abusers bribe their young ones, so they don’t disclose their injuries. Eventually, abused children become emotional wrecks, the reason most adults have inner child wounds today.

7. A Child Called It – Buckcherry (2008)


A Child Called It is another song talking about child abuse. The track is a memoir inspired by Dave Pelzer, performed by a famous rock band, Buckcherry. He opens the song by saying, “Mother, I really hate how you treat me like no other, and I refuse to be your victim.” From this statement, it’s clear that Pelzer was a victim of child abuse and didn’t condone such a vice. He explains that most adults are wounded due to their rough childhood.

6. Sleep – Stabbing Westward (1996)


Sleep is a 1996 song depicting the monstrous habits some people face under their caregivers. The singer talks about how his ex-lover felt damaged after her dad repeatedly raped her. Victims of incest hardly heal from such occurrences unless they go for therapy. Sadly, not even men are spared from rape, going by most confessions. So, if you have gone through this or know someone who did, it would be best to seek therapy and work on fighting for the rights of such victims, as Stabbing Westward did.

5. Ask Me – Amy Grant (1991)


Another song about sexual abuse is “Ask Me” by Amy Grant. She recorded and performed it after a close friend revealed what she had to endure under a sexual abuser. She confessed that someone close to her repeatedly raped her, robbing her of childhood innocence. What’s sad about such occurrences is that victims hardly come out to report the perpetrators for fear of stigmatization. In one of the lines, Grant talks about a child that sprays her mom’s perfume to wipe away the scent that the defiler left behind.

4. Too Beautiful – He is We (2010)


No matter the challenges you’re facing in a relationship, no one should lay their hands on your body. Inflicting bodily harm is shunned, regardless of the fights you’re having. Too Beautiful is a song about a man who lays his hands on the woman he claims to love. The worst part is that he love-bombs her after realizing the harm he’s caused. So, the woman gets confused about whether to leave or stay, hoping that the man will change. Sometimes, the only solution that victims of physical abuse should consider is walking away before it gets worse.

3. Bad Things – Machine Gun Kelly & Camila Cabello (2016)


According to Music Grotto, “Bad Things” by Machine Gun Kelly & Camila Cabelo is another song about physical and sexual abuse. The singers use dark poetry to paint a sexually charged relationship between an evil man and a good girl. While Cabello proclaims her love for MGK, the rapper feels satisfied that she can’t walk out of the relationship. He even dares her to leave if she feels unwanted.

2. I Don’t Wanna Live Forever – Zayn feat. Taylor Swift (2016)


“I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” is one of the first hits by Taylor Swift and Zayn for her fifth album, “1989.” Written for the “Fifty Shades of Grey” sequel, the track talks about how most people feel hopeless after breaking up with their lovers. There’s a feeling of emptiness each time your lover walks away. You’re torn between finding someone else to replace them or being single forever in the long run.

1. Something in The Way You Move – Ellie Goulding (2015)


Ellie Goulding, an English singer, released the song “Something in The Way You Move” in 2015. It is one of the awesome tracks she sang in her “Delirium” album. The track ranked number 43 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and 51 on the UK Singles Chart. Goulding talks about losing hope about her lover changing. So, she decides that leaving would be best for everyone.


One thing about these ten fantastic songs about abusive relationships is that they enlighten people about practical situations happening today. Victims of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse need to come out often to talk about their experiences to serve as a lesson for everyone in that situation.

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