Which Supernatural Ending is the Better Season 5 or Season 15?

Supernatural is leaving the screens after a 15-year adventure with its 15th season. Supernatural‘s finale sparked controversy among fans.

Supernatural said goodbye to fans with the 15th season finale. However, it also caused controversy among fans after the last episode of the series. Fans who have watched the series from the very thinking that the 5th season is a much better ending. So are they right to think about it? Let’s look.

We have been waiting for the last episode of the series for a long time, but they delayed the release date because of COVID-19. Finally, the last episode of the series aired and the story of the Winchester brothers ended forever. However, this finale did not make the fans thrilled. Audiences are uneasy about the episode “Carry On“, which ended Supernatural, and the fans don’t seem to like the deaths of the characters, the script, and the plot.

In fact, even the fact that the series lasted for 15 years was not good for some viewers, but some fans were happy with it. Supernatural‘s creator, Eric Kripke, also stated that he was aware of this situation and that he had plans for the last season many times in previous seasons. However, this early finale did not happen, and the series continued to air throughout the 15th season. This is exactly why the discussion on social media emerged. According to the majority, the 5th season could have been a much better finale.

As you know, if Eric Kripke’s plans for season 5 were published as a finale, Dean’s story would happily continue with Lisa and Ben forever. Sam would also remain locked in “Hell,” a human prison for Lucifer. However, the 15th season of the series was completely opposite to this scenario. Dean is dying with the aired “Carry On” episode, while Sam and their son Dean Jr. get the chance to live a healthy life.

However, although the majority do not like the 15th season finale, this finale seems more suitable for the series. Because Dean has always been a warrior, and Sam was the brother who had to stay behind. If Season 5 was a finale, Sam would die blocking Lucifer in hell, while Dean would fall on a rusty nail.

In addition, season 5’s villains were a pair of archangels, whereas season 15 ended with a relatively small group of generic vampires. Finally, if the 5th season was a finale, of course, Castiel, the major character of many people, would not have character development and would not be appreciated. You can watch the final season episode trailer below!

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