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System Of A Down’s Serj Tankian Release a Snippet From Elasticity

System Of A Down‘s frontman Serj Tankian has announced that he had been working on a new solo collection of rock songs last year.  And as the time comes closer, Tankian has recently shared a snippet for the first time from his new EP, “Elasticity.”

In the past couple of years, Serj Tankian has been working on several projects that have unfortunately been delayed because of the pandemic. Elasticity was one of them. Takian actually wrote the songs on the EP many years back. They were meant to be for System Of A Down in the first place. But they couldn’t see how to go forward with songs. So Tankian decided to finish them off himself and release them as an EP. And now, Elasticity is finally coming to the light this month. And Tankian has also shared a glimpse of his new music video before its premiere.

He talked about Elasticity and what does it contain

In his last interview, Serj Tankian has talked about how his upcoming EP progressed and its songs.

“I’ve played them for the guys, and we even kind of messed around with some of ’em, and whatnot. And, obviously, we were unable to see eye-to-eye on continuing the future recordings of System, except for, obviously, these two songs for the cause that we’ve done, and that was before – obviously, a couple of years before.”

He said in his interview and explained how he ended up doing it all his own. Then he continued talking about the songs and what they are telling

“They are really interesting and beautiful songs – going from really heavy type of System-esque type of music to really beautiful, ballady – including pianos and string arrangements and stuff like that.

So, it’s quite diverse for just five songs. And thematically, it’s quite diverse as well – a song about terrorism; a song about protests in Armenia years ago; a song about my son Rumi, kind of also cut with the poet Rumi, in a way – it’s an homage to the poet Rumi and his namesake, basically, in a way.”

He revealed that the upcoming EP’s new video was produced by his filmmaker friend, Ilya Naishuller. And the video is directed by Vlad Kaptur. He also shared in excitement a snippet from his music video of Elasticity. The full premiere of EP will be on his Youtube channel this Thursday at 9 pm PST.


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