The 10 Best Polyphia Songs of All Time

Polyphia releases ranked list progressive metal 10 best songs all time

Polyphia, the incredibly crafty and masterful musicians that have absorbed all genres to inspire their music and to create a beautiful combination of progressive metal and instrumental, has been dominating the instrumental so strongly that even their record label referred to them as, “not only the biggest, but also the best metal band in the world.” With a statement like that, it’s hard to not even give the band a chance, but as the discography of Polyphia shows a different tone to the band to some extent, we’ll dive into what songs truly grab listeners above any other. As Polyphia is one of many bands that release EPs as often, if not more often than full-length albums, smaller listening sessions help a listener take in the instrumental masterpieces of Polyphia. Below, we’ve ranked the 10 best Polyphia songs of all time and did a bit of a deep dive into each one and the albums or EPs they appeared on.

10. Yas

“Yas” was a song, ranked last on our list of best Polyphia songs of all time, that comes from only one of four releases from the band that made our list out of all of Polyphia’s releases but the song featured here has appearances from Chon guitarists Mario Camarena and Erick Hansel. As if Polyphia wasn’t a widely inspired band alone, Chon has dominated the instrumental genre in their own way with hyper groovy tracks while Polyphia tends to bring an overall metal tone to their jams.

9. Nightmare

“Nightmare” came from another album of Polyphia’s, but this album was only featured on our list of 10 best Polyphia songs of all time list once with this song, and for good reason as the song displayed a much different era of the band and showed a surprising evolution for the group, when compared to their newer music.

8. Champagne

“Champagne” comes from the third release, from our entire 10 best Polyphia songs of all time list, to have appeared on the list, “Muse”, one of a few full-length albums from Polyphia, and featured guitarist Nick Johnston, who has also been featured on other Polyphia songs as well.

7. Nasty

Jason Richardson, ex-Chelsea Grin guitarist, lent his metal skill to Polyphia for “Nasty”, a track from the same record, “New Levels New Devils” that also had the Chon double guitarist feature as well. Although “Nasty” didn’t land on the higher part of our Polyphia list, the song was still among the most played., and favored among fans as it featured a new sound that hasn’t been known to be associated with the more instrumental genre when he was with Chelsea Grin, which brought the unique deathcore guitar style to the track.

6. The Worst

“The Worst” came from the fourth, and last, Polyphia releases we’ve talked about, as out of Polyphia’s releases, only four of them made the entire 10 best Polyphia songs of all-time list. To be more specific, “The Most Hated” was the EP that “The Worst”, as well as two other songs that we’ve discussed below that ranked higher on our list of 10 best Polyphia songs of all time.

5. O.D.

“O.D.” was the third track so far on our list of 10 best Polyphia songs of all time that came from the same release, “New Levels New Devils”, and for good reason as the album appeared on our list above any other release from Polyphia.

4. Goose

“Goose” was another track from the “Most Hated” EP, and while every single Polyphia song can individually showcase the band’s skills, “The Worst” EP holds some of the funkiest and most unpredictable work from the band yet.

3. So Strange

“So Strange”, while not the absolute top of our 10 best Polyphia songs of all time list, was certainly among the most interesting songs from the band’s entire discography for one simple reason: vocals. When “So Strange” started, it gave some slight Chon vibes with the overall tone of the song but 30 seconds in, the interesting vocals provided by Cuco enter the song as if Polyphia has never gone a day without them.

2. 40oz

“40oz” was yet another of Polyphia’s funkiest tracks to date, and featured some of the most unpredictable and jam-worthy sounds to come out of any Polyphia album or release but being yet another track on their “Most Hated” EP, it was expected to not only have an interesting sound throughout but also reach so high on our list of 10 best Polyphia track of all time due to how Polyphia’s songs generally have infinite playability.

1. G.O.A.T.

Finally, ranked highest on our list of 10 best Polyphia songs comes “G.O.A.T.”, one of the only singles the band has ever released a year before they were one of the most streamed acts on Spotify, the funkiest, grooviest, and still some of the heaviest music from Polyphia, and more than likely showed more of the band’s overall compared to any other song due to the sheer vast inspirations that each member of Polyphias states to have gotten them to play the way that they do and bring fans such a unique sound that no other band could touch.

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