Michael Fassbender Non-Officially Coming to WandaVision

Before starting I should warn you that this article has spoiler all along. So, what happened in WandaVision‘s last episode blew everyone’s mind away for sure. And not before we could overcome all of this, we have heard there might be more yet to come… A new rumor which wanders around for a while says Michael Fassbender is coming to the series.

Quicksilver came, so what?

WandaVision recast Evan Peters, the character of Quicksilver, who played the character in Fox’s X-Men franchise instead of introducing Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s from the Marvel Universe. So a new rumor also wonders around since then which suggests this might not be only Fox crossover. We also might get Michael Fassbender reprising his role of Magneto in the series.

Wanda states that she can’t bring the dead back to life in ‘On A Very Special Episode’. And towards to end, the doorbell rings while Wanda and Vision are having an argument and we meet Quicksilver. It actually makes us question the developments in so many ways, but none of them are certain for the minute. It could be Mephisto’s trick if she has recast her brother for a sneaky wink to the viewers. Either, it could make it possible for others from X-Men to come into the Marvel Universe as well if the link between two universes has been disconnected.

Multiverse Crossovers

So the new rumor says Quicksilver’s returning might just be the beginning of the X-Men crossovers and Wanda might try to recreate her family with Michael Fassbender as well.  So on the other hand, if we consider what Kevin Feige said earlier that WandaVision is the first part of an unofficial trilogy that continues with the third Spider-Man and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, it seems to be the most likely latter.

In the Marvel Universe, Wanda’s father is known with no special abilities. But in Fox’s X-Men films, Magento is the father of Wanda and Quicksilver. So if we were to consider this perspective, it seems possible Wanda is going to try to recreate her family as rumor says. She will pull one of the old movie versions of her father into her own world since her father in Marvel is dead. It is also being spoken that both Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender approached Disney for the show. But on the other hand, which actor signed on or if they are still doing the idea at all are still the uncertain things to come out soon enough, we hope.

So, does he come or not?

To sum up, there is no clear thing yet if Disney is going through with this speculation after all. There are only clues we have been trying to put together to solve the puzzle. It might be an old plan which didn’t make it either. It is maybe Disney deciding to bring Quicksilver over instead of Magneto. But there is one thing we are already sure. Other surprise cameos are on their way. And there is not much time left for us to see which among them coming, Michael Fassbender or Ian McKellan?

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