The 10 Best Songs From Pacific Ridge Records: A Tribute To New Found Glory

New Found Glory is a band that inspired more bands than they toured with so a tribute album was made. It’s no surprise that this tribute album comes from Pacific Ridge Records, the label behind some special tribute albums done. New Found Glory have been the kings of pop-punk almost immediately since their first release. New Found Glory is also commonly known for their influence within the easycore genre. This is due to them incorporating breakdowns into their songs, earning recognition of fans with heavier music tastes.

Pacific Ridge Records have also released tribute albums for Senses Fail and Taking Back Sunday. Pacific Ridge Records has released their biggest tribute album yet however with their New Found Glory album with a total of 35 songs, which can be found here. Below, we’ll go over the best songs from this massive New Found Glory tribute tracklist, in no particular order.

Ready and Willing – Steven Neevs

Steven Neevs is a drummer from Florida with a variety of covers under his belt. Although this artist has a small following, Pacific Ridge Records has a thing for finding lesser known artists to feature on these tributes. This song clearly takes inspiration from the easycore moments of New Found Glory’s catalog.

Hit or Miss – Everyone Dies In Utah

This next cover comes from Everyone Dies In Utah, a very interesting band with songs almost always highlighted by a synthesizer of some kind. Highly original, electronic infused metalcore with smooth clean vocals as well. Everyone Dies In Utah is surprisingly from Texas, not Utah which immediately tells you how strange the band can be without even listening to their music. The band can be found featured on tribute albums for The Get Up Kids and Taking Back Sunday. Personally this is one of my favorite covers as it truly highlights how different inspirations can bring a truly unique sound together.

Better Off Dead – The Animal In Me

The Animal In Me is an incredible female fronted band with an impressive amount of singles under their belts as well as four albums. The band has a very unique, heavy sound with surprisingly clean vocals that tie together the fast paced songs the band delivers.

Understatement – eleventyseven

eleventyseven is known as neon-pop for their blend of pop-punk and electronic infused punk but the inspiration from New Found Glory and bands alike is clear. Fast and joyful lyrics feel smooth with the way the band lays it all together which gives this band some comparisons to bands like Cobra Starship.

Eyesore – Jarrett Adlof

This Eyesore cover from Jarrett Adlof sounds like the original at first listen but as the some goes on you hear the original sounds Jarrett Adlof adds with his cover. Jarrett is the guitarist of Offended by Everything but brings his own elements to the singles and covers he releases.

Something I Call Personality – NU-95

The bouncy guitar work that New Found Glory incorporates in albums such as Not Without a Fight, leaning more towards an easycore sound. While NU-95 is covering an older New Found Glory song, it’s clear that they were inspired by all eras of New Found Glory.

All Downhill From Here – The Anchor

This cover brought on by The Anchor brings the energy of several band sat once with the presence they have on this song. The Anchor brings a much faster, slightly angrier tone to the New Found Glory classic. A breakdown right when it’s least expected, the song turns heads from start to finish.

This Disaster – ChuggaBoom

If you’ve ever heard of a band called Affiance, that is exactly what this band reminds me of. Personally I absolutely love to see the heavier bands that New Found Glory has inspired, proving they have constantly inspiring bands. ChuggaBoom sounds like they’ve combined their inspiration from a number of artists to create their unique sound. The sound ChuggaBoom brings to the scene is an interesting one that can be compared to Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! and The Bunny The Bear.

Selfless – K Enagonio

K Enagonio brings what’s possibly the most easycore influenced song on the tribute album. Bouncy, fast, and unpredictable makes this one of the most interesting songs on the New Found Glory tribute album from Pacific Ridge Records. K Enagonio’s discography is loaded with covers of bands like Woe, Is Me and Bring Me The Horizon and their influences can be heard here.

On My Mind – Bernard Cozy

Bernard Cozy turns this normally slow and very toned down New Found Glory song into a jam worthy emotional ride. This New Found Glory cover gives off similar vibes to specific Real Friends and Knuckle Puck songs. While sounding similar to the original, this cover has that extra feel to it that almost makes the original obsolete.


Every single band on this massive New Found Glory tribute album from Pacific Ridge Records is absolutely worth checking out as well as the other incredible tribute albums the label has put together.

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