The Best Streaming Services Price and Quality Comparison: Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Hulu, and Disney Plus

Amazon Prime Video

We have prepared the price and quality comparison of the best streaming services for you. If you’re still not sure which service to use, this post may be a guide for you.

In many parts of the world, cable broadcasts are losing their popularity and broadcast services that we can access over the internet are entering our lives. Streaming services such as OBS Streaming on Hosted Virtual Desktop have gained enormous popularity this year in particular, and the reason for this is obvious. If asked what we did most in 2020, most of us would give the same answer. Staying in quarantine at home and watching TV series and movies. This year we spent the most time with streaming services.

So are you really using the best quality and most economical streaming service? Which one is better for you? This list we have prepared may be a guide for you.

The Best Streaming Services in 2020

1 – Netflix



The world’s most popular streaming service takes the lead. As everyone knows, Netflix offers hugely popular series, movies, and many shows for a monthly subscription fee. It is very successful with its ever-growing library and a wide variety of categories. We can watch different content almost every day, every week.

In addition, Netflix’s broadcasting of its own productions has been an important factor that increases its popularity and quality.

Especially in 2020, with the Netflix Party add-on, we could watch TV series and movies simultaneously with our friends through browsers. This helped us a lot during the quarantine period.

Most Popular Netflix Shows: Money Heist, The Queen’s Gambit, The Last Dance, etc.

Price: Standard Price $13.99


  • Good suggestion system
  • Optimized interface
  • More expensive
  • Frequently refreshed content

2 – Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime is a platform that provides series, movies, and many shows, just like Netflix. Although it does not broadcast as many series and shows as Netflix, Amazon Prime’s content is perhaps the best quality. TV series such as The Boys and The Project Blue Book are very popular and successful. We also don’t think it’s making the biggest breakthrough, because the Lord of The Rings series is still shooting and will be released on Amazon Prime when finished. We think this will increase Amazon Prime’s popularity and sales.

Also, the biggest benefits of Amazon Prime are that it works together with Twitch, Amazon, and Viacom. Once you have Amazon Prime, you can subscribe to a streamer for free on Twitch and get discounts and free shipping on your purchases on Amazon.

Most Popular Amazon Prime Shows: The Boys, Patriot, The Thick, etc.

Price: Standard Price $12.99


  • Quality content
  • Includes other Prime benefits
  • Wide content selection
  • Not available on some platforms

3 – Hulu

Hulu Logo

This service provides access to most major network programs (CBS’s programs) and offers a handful of cable shows the day after the air. It also allows subscribers to access the current season of a show, or usually all seasons of the program. The service hosts several original shows, a selection of different movies, and a surprising amount of classic anime series.

The price is quite cheap compared to other streaming services, but if you want to use it without ads, pay a little more.

Most Popular Hulu Shows: Fargo, The Hardy Boys, Letterkenny, etc.

Price: Standard Price $5.99, No Ads $11.99


  • Cheap
  • Advertising publication
  • Does not fit all televisions
  • Quality programming

4 – Disney Plus

Disney Plus

The Disney Plus platform is only 2 years old, but it is growing in popularity. Disney Plus makes many series, movies, and shows accessible, such as Marvel, Disney, Star Wars, and The Simpsons. Especially with The Mandalorian series, it got a big break, and many people started using the Disney Plus service just to watch the show.

It is also very affordable, encouraging people to buy the Disney Plus service.

Most Popular Disney Plus Show: The Mandalorian, The Imagineering Story, TOGO, etc.

Price: Standard Price $6.99


  • Cheap price
  • Popular content
  • Including powerful brands
  • Some content is in the wrong aspect ratio

5 – HBO Max

HBO Max Logo

HBO has been the producer and publisher of the hugely popular and classic series. Finally, in the summer of 2020, HBO Max entered our lives as a streaming service, including both HBO and current shows, including HBO Max, Insecure, and completed seasons of Westworld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Veep. However, despite being a new streaming service, its price is almost the same as Netflix.

We believe HBO Max will become very popular in the future because HBO is an old and reliable television service. Although it does not seem to be the right choice for its price now, it can be a very strong competitor in the future.

Most Popular HBO Max Show: Game of Thrones, Doom Patrol, Harley Quinn, etc.

Price: Standard Price $15


  • Top-tier Movies
  • Expensive Price
  • Content phases out frequently
  • Award-winning original programming

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