The Witcher: Old World Gameplay, Release Date and More You Need To Know

We’ll finally be able to live the adventures of Geralt‘s in a whole new way all by ourselves! The Witcher is bringing a new board game set based on video games and it seems it comes even before the series itself. So here is the information from gameplay to its release date for The Witcher: Old World.

A co-founder of Go On Board Łukasz Woźniak has created The Witcher: Old World. He has also designed tabletops previously such as King and Assassins, Valhalla, and 7 Days of Westerplatte.  And now thanks to him, we will be able to take our beloved adventures of Witcher just right onto our tables!

The gameplay of The Witcher: Old World

You can play The Witcher: Old World for two to five players. The adventure board game takes place years ago before our favorite monster slayer Geralt of Rivia took the monster-hunting job. Old World will provide us to create our own witchers to bring honor to the chosen school of combat. Yes, our OWN Witchers. Already excited, aren’t you?

At the beginning of The Witcher: Old World, players will be able to choose among five witcher schools; the Wolf, the Griffin, the Cat, the Bear, or the Viper.  And the schools all have their own unique advantages. It would feel just like Harry Potter if the school was choosing us, but luckily we have the freedom here.  If we were back to the subject, the schools had their own unique abilities we said. The Wolf school witchers will be accomplished in sword combat while Griffin witchers have a predisposition to magic. On the other hand, Cat witchers specialize in speed beside Bear witchers to strengthen their armor and defenses. For the last, Viper witchers poison enemies with their venomous steel ability.

So, it depends on you which school you will end up in. You will start the game with 10 cards that include the different attacks, blocks, dodges, and magical abilities, which we know as Signs from the game. While progressing through the game, you will be able to add a new deck for creating powerful combos to fight monsters. These combos help players to defeat monsters as they face them in Old World. And after defeating the monster, you can train in new skills and acquire new equipment.

After all, it won’t be just monsters you will be dealing with in The Witcher: Old World. You will also have to handle various quests so that you can win coins and renown among with challenges against rival witchers seeking to gain the upper hand in the contest. On the other hand, not only your skills will be tested, but also your morality, too. You will face narrative decisions that you have to make eventually. In the end, who acquires the required first amount of trophies in the game, between four to six, will be the winner of The Witcher: Older World. 

The Witcher: Old World will release in April 2022. And according to other news, a Kickstarter campaign also will launch for the game in May.

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