A creepy official trailer drops for Prime Video’s new horror series ‘Them’

Amazon Prime Video‘s new horror anthology called Them trailer drops today. For this upcoming series executive produced by Lena Waithe and created by Little Marvin has been shared.

Amazon Prime Video is adding some new titles to its repertoire, this time with a horror anthology telling the story of a black family, Emory, who moves into a white neighborhood, in which there are people apparently not waiting for the Emory family. Played respectively by Deborah Ayorinde and Ashley Thomas, the couple Lucky Emory and Henry Emory move to Compton with their two daughters with them, only to notice they are the only black family in their new neighborhood. 

Even though there is not any dialogue in the trailer shared, it’s evident that the Emory family moves into a neighborhood that is not exactly how they expect it to be. The trailer also makes clear that the Emory family is not wanted whatsoever in that white neighborhood of Compton. Producers give us a release date to wait until at the end of the trailer.

What is the release date for ‘Them’ on Amazon Prime Video?

At the end of the official trailer dropped, it’s announced that ‘Them’ is going to release on Amazon Prime Video in early April. Them’s release date is April 9th.

Thoughts shared by the crew of ‘Them’

“Needless to say, our neighbors are not happy that we’re there,” says Deborah Ayorinde, who plays Lucky Emory in the series, as reported by Entertainment Weekly. “They begin to terrorize us in order to get us to go back to where we came from. All the while, there are these malicious supernatural entities that also don’t want us there. So, we’re fighting a lot of things.”

The creator of ‘Them’ had a couple of things to say about the series. “I’ve always been a genre fan,” Little Marvin says. “I love specifically psychological horror. I always wanted to put a black family, frankly, at the heart of the kinds of stories I love the most, the classic kinds of horror movies that I never saw us centered in.”

The series, executive produced by Lena Waithe and created by Little Marvin, is set in the 1950s. You can watch the official trailer for ‘Them’ below.

What do you think about this series? Will you watch Them? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us.

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