Tool and Iron Maiden classic songs reimagined as 8-bit versions

A YouTuber reinvented the legendary songs of many iconic bands as Super Nintendo-themed 8-bit tracks, and they actually sound wonderful. 8 Bit Musician made 8-bit versions of songs of Tool, Iron Maiden, Opeth, Black Sabbath, and more.

People do not stop creating new content about legendary bands. We previously encountered an AI project that created new songs from late musicians and bands like Nirvana. You should also check it out, as artificial intelligence created wonders on that.

And now, here’s a musician who reinvents iconic metal and rock tracks as Super Nintendo songs. Named 8 Bit Musicians, they make covers of songs from many metal bands. There are currently covers from Iron Maiden, Tool, Amon Amarth, Opeth, Slayer, Black Sabbath, and more in their channel. We bet you were not expecting to listen to their songs as 8-bit versions, but here they are.

Tool and Iron Maiden reinvented in 8-bit

Here’s an 8-bit cover of Tool’s Schism from the YouTuber. They really nailed this job in terms of both similarity and music quality.

There’s also The Trooper from Iron Maiden if you want to listen to it.

The YouTuber also covered Black Sabbath’s War Pigs. It should not actually matter when the music is 8-bit, but it still feels weird listening to heavy songs in such a manner. It still sounds excellent, though.

Even heavier, here’s Guardians of Asgaard from Amon Amarth. I don’t know whether it is just me, but this sure sounds like it can actually go as a boss fight music, can’t it?

The YouTuber did not forget to reinvent Slayer’s Angel of Death as well. Here you are, Slayer fans!

You can check out all the other songs from 8-Bit Musician’s YouTube channel. There are many more different songs out there. You might want to have a look at them if you like those in the article.

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