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TWISTED SISTER’s guitarist Jay Jay Frenc has bad thoughts about THE ROLLING STONES which is one of the most iconic bands of all time.

Jay Jay, who has been in the music world since 1973, works as an artist, manager, and producer. The artist, who has an active musical life with TWISTED SISTER in recent years, was a guest on the Appetite for Distortion channel last week. During an appearance on Appetite for Distortion, Twisted Sister guitarist Jay Jay French talked about THE ROLLING STONES.

Jay Jay also talked about other iconic rock bands and rated groups such as the BEATLES, STONE, the WHO, QUEEN, PINK FLOY, AC/DC as the pinnacle of rock music and their most successful iconic brands. He compared them to Mount Rushmore and said that their music was still great and touched people’s lives.

“If you look at the Mount Rushmore of rock, which is The Beatles, Stones, The Who, Pink Floyd, Queen, and AC/DC – that’s a Mount Rushmore of rock right there. The Who, you’ve got two members, and from all reports, they’re doing great, they sound amazing. These bands change people all the time.”

Jay Jay gave some pretty bad reviews about THE ROLLING STONES ‘stage performance. Although they were an iconic group, he stated that their concerts are boring and low quality now. He added that he went to their concerts in the 1960s and it was an amazing experience, but nowadays ROLLING STONES performances are too bad to compare with the old ones.

“The only major brand that does suck live is The Rolling Stones – they’re awful. The Stones’ fans don’t clap between songs, they’re afraid the lights will go on in the arena. They’re the only band that insists that you watch them decompose in front of your face.”

“And that’s the only thing I have against them – that here’s a band that I regard as one of the greatest bands in the world, and I saw The Stones back in the ’60s when they truly were one of the greatest bands in the world – flat out, unbelievable.

Also this week, the TWISTED SISTER YouTube account shared 1-hour concert footage. You can watch it below.

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