Watch YouTuber plays all 80 Rammstein songs in 8 minutes

Do you have 8 minutes for Rammstein? Youtuber Paschalis Theotokis collect and sing 80 R+ songs for the fans.

If you like to mix. This news is for you. German industrial icons returned last month with a new album. There are 10 years have passed since their last album “Liebe ist für alle da” which released in 2009. After that, they’ve released a new self-titled album. Now, YouTuber Paschalis making a medley for German industrial band. It’s the latest “Gigalyric video” from Paschalis Theotokis, who already medley 70 Slipknot songs in seven minutes and 999 Metallica tracks in 10 minutes.

Gigalyric 10: #Rammstein discography in 8 minutes by Paschalis Theotokis.

This video starting at their 1995 debut Herzeleid and working his way through to their newly-released Rammstein album. Also, including old songs from this band.

Theotokis talks about these videos on his Patreon page: “Firstly, let me introduce you to what a gigalyric video is. A gigalyric video is an intense mashup spanning a band’s entire career, or on a more precise term, their complete discography (snippets of each song) distilled within couple minutes. Most of the time costume changes, wigs, and other mannerisms are involved in mimicry.”

Check out the 80 Rammstein songs in 8 minutes in below.

Rammstein album tracklist:

01. Deutschland
02. Radio
03. Zeig Dich
04. Ausländer
05. Sex
06. Puppe
07. Was Ich Liebe
08. Diamant
09. Weit Weg
10. Tattoo
11. Hallomann

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