Kengan Ashura Season 3 Netflix Release Date, Characters, and Synopsis

When is the Kengan Ashura season 3 release date for Netflix?

Kengan Ashura one of the most-watched anime on Netflix. But they also waiting for confirmation on the season 3 release date. We’ll be hoping to watch this anime series sometime in 2020. Kengan Ashura is a Netflix Original anime series based on the manga series of the same name by author Yubako Sandrovich. The first season of the anime adaptation for Kengan Ashura aired in the summer of 2019. Also, this anime produced by LARX Entertainment (a subsidiary of Studio Hibari). After the successful first season, Netflix releases the second season in the autumn of 2019.

What’s the Kengan Ashura synopsis?

Here’s the official description from Netflix:

“Kazuo Yamashita is an ordinary fifty-six-year-old man. One day he is summoned by the chairman of his company and hired as a manager of a gladiator. Kazuo Yamashita learns that these hired gladiators engage in battles called “Kengan Matches” to protect the corporate rights of the businesses they represent. Also, Kazuo Yamashita is assigned to manage a mysterious Kengan fighter named Ohma Tokita. However, both men join the “Kengan Zetsumei Tournament” with the hope of winning the spot as chairman of the Kengan Organization.”

Will Netflix renewed Kengan Ashura for season 3?

There’s no official confirmation from Netflix. But we think how popular the anime series has become in such a short time. We’re also hopeful for the Netflix renewed for season 3 sometime in 2020. However, due to pandemic we can even watch the new season in 2021.

We also expect this for season 3:

“Season 2 finished up with the Ohma’s battle in the second round, beating Raina, and proceeding onward to the third round/quarter-last. Considering there are two further adjusts, the semi-last and last, after the quarter-finals there’s as yet an enormous bit of the story to be secured.”

Kengan Ashura characters and voice cast:

  • Kaiji Tang – Tokita Ohma
  • Bryce Papenbrook – Cosmo
  • Erika Harlacher – Akiyama
  • Jake Green – Jun Sekibayashi
  • Jonah Scott – Lihito
  • Keith Silverstein – Kazuo
  • Michael C. Pizzuto – Hideki
  • Todd Haberkorn – Setsuna

Kengan Ashura season 3 will arrive in Summer 2020 with season 4 following up in Fall 2020. Check out the trailer below.


Check a few of the latest reviews from Rottentomatoes:

This was great piece of anime and felt like the more updated version of Street fighter with a full list of strong characters.

I hadn’t watched anime for a long time, when I found Kengan Ashura on my Netflix feed. It has the perfect combination of gory violence and interesting plot that has always grabbed my attention. I guess the only thing I didn’t really like was Kazuo Yamashita; he’s kind of annoying as he’s screaming, shouting and looking confused all the time.

One of the best fighter anime I watched, best by far than BAKI, so enjoyed, every fight of the different fighters are excellent. I’m not a fan of cgi, but this is in another level, so fluid.

If you’re looking for a serious realistic combat anime this is not it. if your looking for a spectacle fighter/comedy this might be for you. many of the jokes are hilarious and the fights are great to watch even if the art styles looks kinda bad 1/4 of the time i would still recommend this anime if you like stuff like baki the grapler and kongou banchou.

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  1. I have been continuing to train for the release of this new season to fully absorb the badass fighting this offers in mental beatings through the television.

  2. I started and finished the first 2 Parts in 24 hours. Great storyline, characters and animation. Can’t wait for Parts III and IV!

  3. Why don’t they work at their homes so they can animate online? Is the best way to animate Anime because all the studio are shut down. Well, if you said that it’s gonna release at 2021, then I’ll stop watching this Anime because I’m not excited for Season 3 anymore -_-.

    1. Well than you should stop every anime that isnt finished by 2020 because no animation studio is produicing episodes for any anime out there as of right now. Well and they cant work from home because coordinating all the animaters at once while they arent even in the studio is nearly impossible for a studio. Taking this huge increase of difficutly in producing on you as an animation studio with the real high risk in even higher costs and prbbly lower quallity is no-deal for every sane business person. I recommend watching and just continuing when the 3rd season drops because every show on netflix even has a recap of the last season before the new season starts so it shouldnt be much of a problem for viewers anyways. If you are new to watching anime than be ready for stuff like this in the future because thats just normal in the genre.

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