The 10 Worst Kiss Songs of All-Time


Did you know that the logo of Kiss had to be changed when the band went to perform in nations that outlaw Nazi symbols? The famous American rock band has released more than 19 albums throughout their career, done numerous shows, and sold over 75 million records globally. The group, which was initially composed of four members, also boasts of having 14 albums that have been certified platinum while three have been certified multi-platinum. At their peak in the 1970s, the band was composed of Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Peter Criss, and Ace Frehley, all of who were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on April 10th, 2014. If you ever had a chance to see them performing at one of their concerts, they indeed left a mark on you in one way or another. Famous for their painted faces, rocket-launching guitars, and filthy rock, the band truly epitomized the rock’n’roll era. They were loved and hated in almost equal measure. Though the band released some of the greatest and most influential rock songs of all time, they also had some outright stinkers. Here are ten of the worst Kiss songs of all time.

10. Kissin Time


“Kissin Time” was the sixth track from the album “Kiss.” In Paul Stanley’s own words from the book, “Kiss Behind the mask,” “The track was one of Neil Bogart’s ruses meant to feature as a commercial rather than a single.” He added that the group was more than capable of writing their song, and it was unnecessary to record a song by Bobby Rydell. We can therefore not blame the band solely since it was Neil Bogart’s idea. The track talks about how the band wanted to perform in several famous American cities.

9. Baby Driver


Nearly four decades since the track was released, few people can tell the actual theme and meaning of the track “Baby Driver,” which comes off the band’s 1976 album “Roc ‘N Roll Over.” Through the track, Peter Criss belts out cringe verses that will get you itching to hit the “Next” button on your CD player to find a better song in the album. The track is a rewrite of the Criss/Penridge demo for Criss’s pre-Kiss band Lips.

8. Raise Your Glasses


One of Paul Stanley’s best attributes is releasing great rock tracks that will get any typical rock crowd on their feet. This is his weakness too. Even when he evidently lacks quality in his lyrics. If there is a song that demonstrates the lack of quality in the band’s album, “Kiss,” this track (“Raise Your Glasses”) takes the crown. With weak lines such as, “We went, we struck a match and set the world on fire, And if we tried we couldn’t get much higher now,” this track is lucky not to be in the top five of the band’s worst songs ever.

7. Dance All Over Your Face


Coming from a man who is known for belting out some great rock tunes, you will find it hard to decipher what Gene Simmons was trying to accomplish with this track. “Dance All Over Your Face” was the ninth track off the group’s studio album, “Lick It Up.” In the song, Gene Simmons comes up with one of the worst ways of showing displeasure to a cheating woman with the lines, “Yes, I saw you with another man, and you put me in disgrace, so dance, dance all over your face I’m gonna dance all over your face.”

6. I Was Made For Lovin’ You


The song was released in 1979 from their album, “Dynasty,” as the A-side from the first single from the album. The song borrows heavily from the popular disco style, which was so popular in the US during the 1970s. The song was written quickly due to the band’s misunderstanding with their producers, who wanted them to shift their style to a more commercially appealing one. The song received plenty of backlash due to the contribution from uptown popstars such as Desmond Child and Vini Poncia.

5. The Street Giveth and the Street Taketh Away


The track was released in 1989 from the album “Hot in the shade.” It was released after the band realized that they had swayed too far away from “Crazy Nights,” the band wanted to focus on a return to their initial sound. However, the song had some wordy lyrics that seemed too long and unfocussed.

4. Burn Bitch Burn


The song was released in 1984 from the band’s 12th studio album, “Animalize.” Well, it is not clear what Gene Simmons implied in the lyrics of the song when he said, “I wanna get on your case, I wanna put my log in your fireplace.” Listening further will have you asking yourself, “what is this bitch that he wants to burn?” Though he might be insinuating sex since rock n Roll is mostly about it, the repetitive chorus is annoyingly tedious. Even the biggest fans of “Kiss” will agree that they hit rock bottom with this one.

3. Hooligan


“Hooligan” was written by Stan Penridge and Peter Criss and was released in 1977 from the Love Gun album. The lyrics paint a dull picture, and one can find it hard to understand the lyrics. “35 chevy on a 55 frame, can’t even spell my name” is one of the verses that only goes to show that the group let Pete cut loose on the track. The song is also relatively short and goes for two minutes and 58 seconds, which are full of repetition.

2. Bang Bang You


“Bang Bang You” was the third track from the group’s 1987 album “Crazy Nights,” which, according to Paul Stanley, is a classic tale of boys and their toys. The song was released at a time when “Kiss” ratings were already low for a while. With this track, they did very little to dispel the notion that they were on a downward spiral.

1. Nothing Can Keep Me From You


This track was produced to be included as a soundtrack in the movie “Detroit Rock City.”, Inspired by the success of Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing,” Paul Stanley requested Diane Warren to write a song that would play at the closing credits of the film. However, the track lacked creativity, and many fans accused the band of failing to come up with a track that fit the film’s character.

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