A Discovery of Witches season 3 teaser trailer reveals new hints

The highly-anticipated series A Discovery of Witches has recently reunited its fans with its season 2 and many fans have already finished the series and started to wait eagerly for its season 3 as well.

A Discovery of Witches season 2 is written by Kate Brooke, Tom Farrelly, Charles James, and Sarah Dollard and it includes the All Souls Trilogy second book’s spirit along with adding more uniqueness in it and leaving fans eager to see more. And fans didn’t have to wait for so long to find out when they may meet A Discovery of Witches Season 3 thanks to a new teaser trailer that has also come out soon enough after season 2.

When is the ‘A Discovery of Witches’ season 3 release date?

The upcoming and new season 3 news actually started wandering around a while ago, revealing some new characters who are expected to be introduced to fans in the upcoming season.

  • Fernando Gonçalves as Olivier Huband
  • Jack Blackfriars as Toby Regbo
  • Ransome as Parker Sawyers
  • Geraldine as Genesis Lynea
  • Chris as Ivanno Jeremiah

And on the other side, Baldwin Montclair’s role will seemingly be taken over by Peter McDonald. Now that probably almost all of us have scraped the bottom of season 2 already, it’s time to see ahead of when A Discovery of Witches returns for its season 3 premiere. Even though there is actually not an official release date yet. But a new teaser trailer gives us hope for the show will probably return in 2022.

The new teaser trailer of A Discovery of Witches reveals a few more hints to the new season 3. Also, this teaser trailer shows us glimpses of all beloved characters along with the hated ones as well. And it ends with a dramatic scene of Matthew and Diana, revealing when they also may return their own time finally from where they have been hidden to escape in season 2.

You can watch the new teaser of A Discovery of Witches season 3, which is released through a tweet, down below.

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