A Discovery of Witches Says Goodbye To a Beloved Character

The beloved series A Discovery of Witches has recently reunited its fans with its season 2. And no doubt that it has been giving thrill ever since then. But along with the exciting experiences of the characters we witness, we unfortunately also share their sadness as the series says goodbye to one of its beloved characters as well.

A Discovery of Witches Season 2 is written by Kate Brooke, Tom Farrelly, Charles James, and Sarah Dollard and it includes the All Souls Trilogy second book’s spirit along with adding more uniqueness in it and leaving fans eager to see more. But one of the events on the season final also leaves all fans desperate as well as we with a possibility of a beloved character dying. So I suggest you not go any further unless you still haven’t finished season 2 and don’t like spoilers.

Because of the need for protection, the De Clermont estate in Sept-Tours has been a castle for all season 2 long of A Discovery of Witches to almost everyone. Even if it failed sometimes, it’s mostly managed to do so as well. Before Diana and Matthew travel back to the past to run away, she takes her aunts to France for protection. But it becomes more like being prisoners for them as Ysebeau holds them inside in case any creatures with ill intent come to the chateau. In the meantime, Emily tries to summon Diana’s mother to get help too many times, despite Sarah’s rejections because the spell is too dangerous.

On the other hand, the castle also keeps getting more crowded as well. Sophie, Nathaniel, Margaret, and Agatha also come to Sept-Tours as they hope they can keep the baby protected after Gerbert finds out Sophie and Nathaniel’s a witch born to daemons baby. So, Ysebeau’s home has literally become a real creature refuge as she houses daemons and witches and even humans involve as Marcus brings his girlfriend Phoebe Taylor. A Discovery of Witches season 2 has been a real freak show, hasn’t it?!

During all those struggles that Ysebeau is going through in season 2, Gerbert and Knox team up on the other side to find the missing pages of the Book of Life as they also search for clues of where might Matthew and Diana went. And they soon find out that the witches’ page is possessed by Sarah and Emily along with finding out they are staying at Sept-Tours. So Knox goes to retrieve them and the page of Book of Life.

When Knox arrives there, he exploits the power of the temple, where Emily has been trying to use it to reach out to Rebecca. And unfortunately, Emily takes the bate and makes her way to the temple immediately. She starts to cast another spell again without knowing Knox is watching her behind the trees. While Knox is getting closer, Rebecca warns Emily so she grabs the page and makes it disappear before Knox can reach it. So he gets really pissed up and starts torturing her with magic to take bring the page back. In the meantime, also Sarah wakes up and makes her way to the temple but she sees that she is too late as Knox kills Emily in front of her when she arrives.

So there’s no doubt Emily’s death will cause much bigger things for everyone to take on the Congregation. Also, it’s another big question what will Diana do to Knox when she arrives and finds out what happens. What do you think about all these? Please let us know and also share your thoughts about season 2 and what might happen in A Discovery of Witches season 3 when it arrives. And stay tuned for the details of the upcoming season as we share them with you as soon as we get them!

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