Tom Hanks’ wife Rita Wilson talks about how they infected for Coronavirus

Tom Hank’s wife Rita Wilson also talks about how they became infected for COVID-19 (coronavirus). Unfortunately, this virus surrounded over worldwide.

After the first appearance on that virus in Wuhan, China back in January. After that, it has now infected nearly 2 million people over the world and killed over 130,000 people. All of the worldwide countries have placed a lot of bans like travel and socialization. Also, too many countries going to place full lockdowns on citizens in their city or town. And in the United States pandemic with almost over 600,000 cases and 25,000 deaths. We also heard some of the famous people infected by the COVID-19 like John Pine, Andrew Jack, and singer Adam Schlesinger.

However, early March, well before the virus began affected through the United States. The celebrity couple Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were among the first to announce that they had tested positive for COVID-19 after their Australia visit. Tom Hanks and wife back to the USA and they were treated from the coronavirus and returned to their healthy days. On today,

Rita Wilson joined the Good Morning America and talks about how they became infected with COVID-19:

“I felt extremely achy, uncomfortable… I didn’t want to be touched. And then the fever started – chills as I’ve never had before. Looking back, I also realize that I was losing my sense of taste and smell.”

Then added:

“It was somebody, they said, that Tom and I were both exposed to at the same time. We don’t know when that could’ve been, or where. But all I can say is, all of our close contacts, family, on our work team, no one has tested positive.”

You can watch the Rita Wilson full interview below.

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