Adrian Smith interview: “Iron Maiden fans call out him as Hunters”

Adrian Smith is a guitarist from Iron Maiden. He talks in his new interview and mentions the fans calling out “Professional autograph hunters” for sure.

Smith shares the songs he enjoys playing most at the concert. Also, he is the one that is a bit challenging, and how Iron Maiden adapted the music to fit their three-guitarist sequence. This happens Adrian and Bruce rejoined the band in 1999. Adrian Smith talks about whats brought back him to the Maiden again. The first reason for that Maiden band’s reaction to Bruce’s cancer scare, and what happened then.

Adrian Smith joins and answers the Talk Is Jericho interview questions:

“Trouble is, now you get people, they find out what hotel you are in, and they’re professional autograph hunters. They hunt you as soon as you step outside, and you can tell them straight away because they don’t look like fans. They’ve got bags and bags of memorabilia they want you to sign so they can sell it, and that is the thing that really ticks most of us off; the genuine fans, you know, the kid that knocked on my door is kind of, he’s alright, but these people spoil it for him because I won’t sign any of that stuff because they sell it.”

Then Adrian added about their South American fans:

“And they hassle you as well. In New York, they can be really offensive or rude, they’ll chase. After you and start harassing you, it’s a real bit of a pain. As far as fans go, we got fans in South America that tend to be the most fanatical ones. They’ll stand outside of the hotel sometimes in hundreds, which is mad. Obviously, we can’t sign everything for them. The last time we were in El Salvador, it was absolutely a mob outside of a hotel. When I looked an hour later, the police have moved them all out, there was like riot police and everything, which just goes to show what it’s like down there.”

You can listen to Adrian Smith Takes You Backstage with Iron Maiden full interview here.

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