Ranking All The Songs from the After We Collided Soundtrack

After We Collided

Anna Todd wrote the 2014 novel by the same title and was one of the scriptwriters for the 2020 picture. Roger Kumble, known for his work on Cruel Intentions directed the movie. The movie did so poorly in the United Kingdom that it was released in theaters and for purchase at the same time. Even though the movie had lackluster reviews, a sequel was released the following year with other portions of the series still in the works. One thing that the movie did have was an amazing soundtrack with songs from notable as well as indie artists. This is a ranking of all the songs from the After We Collided Soundtrack.

13. Forbidden Love – Maxchalant and Maiah Manser


During one of the more steamy scenes in the movie, watchers will hear this song. The title alone captures the themes and storyline perfectly and shows how things can be different than they are.

12. Got My Number – Kim Petras


No one can deny that a memorable song makes a romantic partner makes the memory of the night last much longer. Additionally, New Year is one of those holidays where you tend to reach out more to people. Petras’s tune helps add realism to the scene and makes it one that moviegoers will take with them.

11. Back With The People – Ulyssess Wells


Wells’s contribution is heard during the scene when Hardin gets a Wuthering Heights-inspired tattoo comprised of honeysuckle and barbed wire.

10. Wish – Brett Harris


Another great bit of dialogue is when Trish and Tessa talk the first night they move into their new apartment. While they talk, Hardin is in a scene in the background straightening up the apartment.

9. Wild – Dijon


During one of Tessa and Trevor’s talks, you will hear this song guiding it. In this scene, the pair are in a Seattle hotel room.

8. Love Me or Leave Me – Little Mix


There are nine days when she doesn’t hear from Hardin. Part of the lyrics in the song is a plaintive question, “what happened? where is this all coming from?” This is a question anyone would ask after such an extended period of not hearing from someone. The song closes with a wish for the other person to make up their mind and decide what they are going to do moving forward.

7. Way Up – Fintan


Fangirlish called the movie After We Collided “an angst-filled love story.” She goes on to praise the song selections in the movie. Praise is well deserved for this choice. Fintan’s lyrics speak to the overall theme of love and crossed paths. Throughout the verses, the feelings of being truly alive when loved are explored.

6. We Belong – Dove Cameron


This song set the mood for the film since it was featured in the trailer. The song helps highlight the storyline of a girl who seemingly has everything and somehow finds love with someone who is the total opposite on paper.

5. Should Have Known Better – Sufjan Stevens


There is a lot of leaving and regret in this song’s lyrics and the scene in the After We Collided. While you hear the bars of this song, Hardin gets in a physical altercation with his father. Trish leaves the party and Hessa also departs going back to the apartment. The montage rounds out with Hardin smashing a lamp and falling asleep listening to music before Tessa returns from her walk.

4. So Good – Dove Cameron


This movie is not without its steamy scenes and each is made more alive with a song selection. Cameron’s initial entry on this list was for the trailer but adding another selection works well because the overall instrumentation and feel of the song make this scene complete.

3. You Were Supposed To Be Different – Aron Wright


As the movie opens, moviegoers hear this song. The movie starts with Hardin and Tessa’s dad and begins to draw watchers into the storyline.

2. Afraid of The Dark – EZI


After so much emotion in a movie, there is a strong likelihood you’ll want to exit the theater as the credits roll. However, this song makes it worth your while to stay put as all the names who made the film happen roll across the screen. There is another place you will hear the song; when Hardin gets his tattoo for Tessa. The act of getting a tattoo to signify love for another is a bold move proving you think the relationship is going to stand the test of time.

1. Heartbeat – The Fray


Music and road trips are one of the best pairings especially when it helps draw you into the movie further. One of the more poignant scenes in the movie is when Tessa is driving home for the holidays. So, adding a song from an emotionally charged group like The Fray works well.

Final Words

Director Roger Kumble’s path crossed writer Anna Todd’s once before they worked together on the movie. In 1999, Kumble directed the movie Cruel Intentions which many thoughts bore striking resemblance to the writer’s work. One of the things the writer wanted to do in this movie is make sure her novel was well represented. One of the ways that her words were brought to life was the song selection in After We Collided Soundtrack. The lyrics in the songs weave into her words adding depth and realism.

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