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Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell done with the work for his solo album

Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell announces that he’s finished the record on his solo album, which he started to work on a year ago.

Famous rock band from Seattle, Alice in Chains took a little off-time this year, which enabled its guitarist Jerry Cantrell to finish recording his new solo album. He announced the news on Instagram with a post under which he said “Finished my record tonight one year to the day from when we started recording it”. “What a crazy journey … always is. Look forward to setting it free upon your earholes sometime soon.”, he added.

Jerry Cantrell upcoming and the new album is probably coming soon

Jerry Cantrell earlier mentioned this new album last year at the MusicCares Person Of The Year ceremony speaking to PeopleTV. He explained how he found time to finish the work on this new album, saying that Alice In Chains takes “the majority” of his time. “When I’m with Alice In Chains, I’m with Alice In Chains, and that takes the majority of my time. This year, we’re taking a little time off, so if you liked any of the solo work that I did or the work with Alice In Chains, I’m sure you might like some of this stuff too.”, the successful guitarist said according to Louder Sound.

Jerry Cantrell’s last full-length solo album was 2002’s Degradation Trip, including productions such as Anger Rising and Angel Eyes. He had earlier released his first album called Boggy Depot back in 1998, in which there are songs like Cut You In and My Song. Roughly 20 years after Cantrell’s last album, we’re finally getting a new full-length solo from him. The release date and title for the new album are yet to be announced. Nevertheless, we’ll keep you posted should there be new updates about the longly-waited album of Jerry Cantrell.

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