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Hawthorne Heights albums ranked list This Is Who We Are

Hawthorne Heights are a band at the forefront of emo. Emo was obviously a genre and a word that was just thrown around to match anything dark. While most fans of Emo music would usually disagree with this, Hawthorne Heights were certainly a staple in the genre. Having lost their signature unclean vocalist after the release of their second album, Hawthorne Heights have been a watched band. While the band have done an interesting job surviving in the modern age of music. Below, we’re going to rank each album from the band in our Hawthorne Heights albums ranked list.

6. Bad Frequencies

While always using pop-punk elements in recent releases, Bad Frequencies sees the most pop-punk vibes out of any other release. After this album, the band released Lost Frequencies which features b-sides and rarities from the band including some covers. Bad Frequencies was reminiscent of their debut at times, earning its placement on our Hawthorne Heights albums ranked list.


5. Zero

With what the band originally went for their most raw album to date, ended up becoming a concept album. Zero featured tracks intro, outro and another track that this concept is highlighted upon, Zero was one of the most interesting albums released from the band. This is yet another album from Hawthorne Heights that featured pop-punk elements. Zero is another album, much like Skeletons, but the band didn’t sound as comfortable with the experimentation element enough.


4. Skeletons

Skeletons feels like the first time the band experimented and felt 100% satisfied with the outcome. This didn’t come off as a very experimental album but when compared to other Hawthorne Heights albums, it’s clear they experimented here. While the band was pretty consistent with more pop rock music styles but this album was much more surprising and energetic. The experimentation and discovery of new sound on this album earned its placement on our Hawthorne Heights albums ranked list.


3. Fragile Future

Hawthorne Heights first release, since the death of unclean vocalist and guitarist Casey Calvert, features a much softer tone overall for the band compared to their trademark vocals and usual type of production. The most promoted album from this record and first official debut of a song without Casey’s unclean vocals, which helped trademark their sound, was Rescue Me. This album features a much slower sound on top of its overall soften tones but still a definitive album from the band. The definitive reasons for this albums importance earned its placement on our Hawthorn Heights albums ranked list.


2. If Only You Were Lonely

While this album was an instant hit with fans of the band’s previous record, If Only You Were Lonely only made the sound created on their debut and amplified it and earned even more fans of their unique style. Recently the band re-recorded This Is Who We Are for the first time featuring unclean vocals since the death of vocalist Casey Calvert. Compared to The Silence In Black And White, If Only You Were Lonely features a more melodic sound. The band have released an all instrumental version of this record in the past.


1. The Silence In Black And White

Hawthorne Heights debut album featuring some of their most famous hits from the oldest of fans with Niki Fm and others. the band have re-recorded the album for its 10 year anniversary as an acoustic album. Although vocalist JT Woodruff was present on every single release and is the only original member left, he still showed constant change on every single record. The Silence In Black And White may be the band’s debut but after the band’s second album the vocalist has changed his vocal style. As with the album mentioned above, Hawthorne Heights released an instrumental version of this album as well.


Overall, Hawthorne Heights has carried a unique sound from the beginning on their career to the recent re-recording of their If Only You Were Lonely track This Is Who We Are. The re-recording is from the future release of If Only You Were Lonely XV which can be pre-ordered here. On top of the full-lengths mentioned above, the band have also released a trilogy of somewhat conceptual EPs titled Hate, Hope, and Hurt. Unfortunately those albums were never released as a whole album so they weren’t included on our Hawthorne Heights albums ranked list.

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