All The Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Songs Ranked

Scott Pilgrim VS The World, while based on a graphic novel, is Edgar Wright’s most musical film adventure yet. Being based on a graphic novel, music certainly isn’t what comes to mind as important. However, in order to nail the movie about musicians in a seemingly comedic and oddly violent way to the top. Scott Pilgrim has a soundtrack for several generations with the range of garage bands across different genres throughout the movie. Several artists are the original artists behind the songs played by the bands within Scott Pilgrim VS The World. However these songs were credited as either the original artist or the fictional artist from the movie. Although strange, the reason for this is the songs placement within the movie. Below, we’re going to go over the soundtrack with our Scott Pilgrim Songs Ranked list.

18. Anthems For A Seventeen Year Old Girl – Broken Social Scene

Anthems For A Seventeen Year Old Girl is the only Broken Social Scene song in the movie. There are two other songs from the band in the movie but they are credited otherwise. Credited for the other songs as Crash and the Boys. Crash and the Boys are by far the saddest, grungiest and certainly most emo band featured in the movie. This song being the only one from Broken Social Scene is featured after a very pivotal moment in the movie. I’m ranking this song where I am due to its uniqueness and more fitting moment compared to the other songs. Regardless of its ranking, this is still a great song from a great band.


17. By Your Side – Beachwood Sparks

By Your Side is another song featured in the game’s soundtrack as filler for the movie, rather than performed by one of the film’s bands. The band behind the smooth dream of a song, Beachwood Sparks, are labelled as a country band but they have constant psychedelic elements throughout making them the perfect band for the soundtrack, thus why this cover by the band was chosen. While simply on this soundtrack, it’s a great cover that shows how genres hold up and evolve at the same time with younger bands. Proven here, earning this song its placement on this Scott Pilgrim Songs Ranked list.


16. I Heard Ramona Sing – Frank Black

I Heard Ramona Sing by Pixies vocalist debut Frank Black album of the same name. With clearly similar vocals to The Pixies but with a more rock tone to it, I enjoy this track and think it fits rather well into the structure of the movie. The scene in which this song plays is absolutely perfect in the movie as it’s played when Scott is searching for Ramona, frantically as Michael Cera does.


15. Teenage Dream – T. Rex

Featured at least once, in the intro of the movie, Teenage Dream by T. Rex is a super mellow jam that just teleports you to another place with its mix of 50s and 70s era style vocals. Another song that’s simply featured on the soundtrack but fits the soundtrack in its own way.


14. Sleazy Bed Track – The Bluetones

A killer song that drifts in and out between soft spoken to loud vocals within one chorus and it’s so smooth it chilling. This song fits a more nearing rock bottom type of vibe to it. Once again, another song helping this soundtrack come together with the various up and downs throughout the movie of the main character.


13. We Hate You Please Die – Crash And The Boys

One of two Broken Social Scene songs that are credited as Crash And The Boys. Broken Social Scene were asked personally by Edgar Wright to write the songs for Crash And The Boys as they were close friends. While these songs don’t match the genre of Broken Social Scene, the songs themselves almost represent the name of the band as if they were meant to.


12. I’m So Sad, So Very, Very Sad – Crash And The Boys

The extremely short but incredible genre defining songs really tie in the outfit that make up Crash And The Boys. Super dark dressed, sad musicians playing with an extreme set of depressive emotions with every strum. Only around 4 seconds long, each song is defining and that’s exactly what this soundtrack is all about.


11. Scott Pilgrim – Plumtree

The original song that started it all. Scott Pilgrim by Plumtree inspired the writer of the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels to create such a character. “I’ve liked you for a thousand years” is the line that Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O’Malley states inspired him along with his sudden interest in manga at the time.


10. Under My Thumb – The Rolling Stones

Just one of many hits by the legendary act The Rolling Stones, Under My Thumb features the iconic Mick Jagger rocking out with his raspy drawn out vocals but somehow soothing. The popular track off the sixth album from The Rolling Stones could fit the soundtrack of any movie with its timelessness.


9. Ramona (Acoustic Version) – Beck

The short, acoustic, and much less fulfilling version of Ramona compared to the full version is ranked lower than its counterpart for obvious reasons but it is still as important. As stated similarly earlier with the various up and downs of the film, this version of the song provides a different aspect of emotion necessary that this song reflects perfectly. I wouldn’t say that the lyrics are different but being shorter and arranged differently they’re sang in such a way that makes this song feel so different it fits being on soundtrack in two different versions.


8. Summertime – Sex Bob-Omb

What sounds almost exactly like a Beck but also entirely different at the same time, Summertime much like other Sex Bob-Omb songs are slightly grungy vocals over lo-fi instruments sounds like a Wavves song but the secret Beck song is just one of several that the musician brings to life on this soundtrack.


7. Oh Katrina – The Black Lips

I absolutely love this song from The Black Lips. It’s another simple song that really traps you into the overall vibe that the movie serves. Upon listening you would think that this song is performed by one of the bands in the film. Surprisingly the song is older than the film but fits the overall tones perfectly with its garage band, punk sound. This song absolutely deserves this placement on this Scott Pilgrim Songs Ranked list for its true-to-roots sound.


6. It’s Getting Boring By The Sea – Blood Red Shoes

With slamming vocals from beginning to end, this songs is nothing short of raw thrash female-fronted punk rock. Bands like Blood Red Shoes always stick with me upon first listen and I can listen this soundtrack all day because of this song alone.


5. Ramona – Beck

This full, 4 minute version of the track could be described as the overall sum of Scott Pilgrim VS The World in a sort of cleaner Led Zeppelin vocal style, in my opinion. It’s a slow acoustic feeling track with a light, full band behind the swaying acoustic guitar performed by master song worker, Beck. Featured throughout the movie, Beck’s highlight in the film is certainly this song with Scott Pilgrim’s interest in Ramona being all that drives him to take on what the movies has him enduring. While the songs after ths one rank highly mostly for originality, this song deserves all the recognition.


4. Black Sheep -Metric

Possibly the most thrilling track on the entire soundtrack, Metric’s Black Sheep is a perfect blend of garage rock reminiscent of Garbage and Freezepop. The electro-pop vibe from this song with its mysterious intro make this song an absolute treasure on the soundtrack that needed no help getting recognized as a great song by being featured on the soundtrack. Actress Brie Larson who played Evil Ex Envy recorded the vocals for her band in the film The Clash at Demonhead but was never included on the official soundtrack until the 10th anniversary announcements came in stating it would be on the new tracklist. In honor of this incredible version of an already incredible song, below I’ll be including the Brie Larson Vocal Version of the track.


3. Threshold – Sex Bob-Omb

This Sex Bob-Omb track is a great one, starting off with Scott yelling “We are Sex Bob-Omb and we’re here to make sad and think about death and stuff!” With Scott being fueled with rage in this part of the film, putting it in the audio version on the soundtrack makes it that much better. This song was also composed into an 8-bit version that can be found here.


2. We Are Sex Bob-Omb – Sex Bob-Omb

Including the intro yell from the drummer in the movie, “We are Sex Bob-Omb! 1-2-3-4!”is included in the song as well. This Sex Bob-Omb track is that super sloppy style that comes with every song from the band. This song however defines the band itself the most out of each Sex Bob-Omb track.


1. Garbage Truck – Sex Bob-Omb

What I’m calling the ultimate song from the band of titular character Scott Pilgrim: Sex Bob-Omb. Everything about the performance of the song is perfect for the movie. Its authentic garage band sound makes you feel like you’re on the sidewalk outside of that garage watching Sex Bob-Omb perform the song for the first time. It’s hard not to be a fan of the catchy work that Beck puts into every element of his songs, regardless of if it’s for his album or another project all together. All of this is so much more is what secured this songs placement as number one on our Scott Pilgrim Song Ranked list.

When constructing this Scott Pilgrim Songs Ranked list it was hard not to put the Sex Bob-Omb songs at the top but if any songs really personify the movie, it’s these songs because Beck sure as hell knows how to nail a specific sound and really explore it. None of the composition of this soundtrack would be what it is without Edgar Wright as well.

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