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Sundays provide a great opportunity for you to relax at home after spending long hours in school or at work. What better way to relax than by listening to some music? If you need some music to relax, you should consider listening to songs about Sunday. These songs reference some of the activities we would do on that day, and you will appreciate them for their relatability. Most importantly, you will nod your head to these songs because of their catchiness. Without further ado, here are ten awesome songs about Sunday that you can include in your playlist.

10. Another Park, Another Sunday- The Doobie Brothers (1974)

We like to think of Sunday as an exciting day, but sometimes the day may turn out the opposite. This song addresses that by talking about a man who spends their day alone at a park. The man is thinking about a lover with whom he is no longer in a relationship. As the person tries to process the relationship loss, everything about Sunday depresses him, e.g., the lonely highways and the radio. The song seems to suggest that our Sundays will be great as long as we are with the people we love.

9. Everyday is Like Sunday- Morissey (1988)

In this song, Morissey considers Sunday boring and likens it to life in a boring coastal town. He uses the words “silent” and “gray” to describe it. The coastal town is so boring to him that he longs for a nuclear bomb or Armageddon to shake things up. According to Song Meaning and Facts, the destruction he longs for the town may be in reference to author Nevil Shute’s 1957 post-apocalyptic novel titled On the Beach. In the novel, Shute writes about a group of people who wait for a deadly nuclear radiation to annihilate them.

8. Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon- Queen (1975)

Freddie Mercury had a reputation for spending a lot of time at parties. According to Cheat Sheet, Elton John claimed that they would be up the whole night until 11 am. This song, therefore, subverts our expectations since the band’s lead singer is talking about lazing around on a Sunday afternoon rather than going to a party. The song is only a minute long, but it perfectly encapsulates how short Sunday afternoons can be.

7. Lazy Sunday Afternoon- Small Faces (1968)

Have you ever had a party at your house, only for your disgruntled neighbors to show up at your door? If this has been your experience, you will relate to this song. At the beginning of the song, there is this lyric to prove that they have unhappy neighbors, “They stop me from grooving.” This lyric has many layers since the term “grooving” is ambiguous. The term can refer to listening to music, acting drunk or having sex, all of which would still annoy neighbors in real life.

6. Sunday Morning- The Velvet Underground (1967)

Saturday nights can be fun for people who go out drinking in clubs. However, such people have to prepare for an exhausting Sunday ahead. One of the things to expect is a hangover the following day. While you rest in bed nursing a hangover, you will not be aware of what is going on for the rest of the day. This song thus perfectly describes how our past actions can affect us in the future.

5. Sunday Morning Call- Oasis (2000)

Noel Gallagher claimed in an interview that he related to this song since he had friends who would visit him on Sunday mornings. They would only visit him to spend the day abusing drugs. His friends were rich and could have used their money for other things but are instead set on destroying their lives. Furthermore, they invite more friends into their destructive lifestyle choice. This song thus reminds us to spend our Sunday mornings well.

4. Sunday Sunday- Blur (1993)

This song identifies traditional English Sunday activities such as seeing family, Sunday Roast, and going to the park. Throughout the song, Albarn sings in a frustrated tone to depict his tiredness with the repetitiveness of the activities. He likely wants to switch things up by doing anything else on that day. This is a relatable song since some people easily get bored by routine and desire some change.

3. Easy Like Sunday Morning- Lionel Richie (1977)

The song tackles the difficulty of being in a relationship you no longer want to be part of. In the song, the narrator describes how his relationship constantly brings him down until he decides to end the relationship. After he ends the relationship, he experiences some relief which he likens to a peaceful Sunday morning. To illustrate the peaceful day, the band sings in a heartfelt way. According to AARP, the heartfelt tone of the song has often made people mistake this breakup song for a love song.

2. Sunday- Nick Drake (1971)

Nick uses Saturday and Sunday to convey the idea of life being full of ups and downs, respectively. He talks about a Saturday filled with sunshine and then contrasts it with Sunday, a day of rain and gloominess. The song therefore reminds us that good Sundays are not guaranteed. We should be ready to expect any outcome in life, whether negative or positive.

1. Sunday- Sonic Youth (1997)

Here is a song that reminds us that Sundays can be boring but reassures the listener that they can make the day interesting. The song claims you can achieve that by spending time with someone who brightens your day and brings you peace. As a result of their company, you will forget how boring the day is.


The songs in this article give us different perspectives on Sunday. Even though it is normally considered a fun day, you will think differently when you listen to these songs. However, some of the songs in this article remind us that we have the power to make it lively if we find it boring. So if your Sundays have been boring for quite some time, why not listen to these songs to make the day more exciting?.

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