Brian May Explains Freddie Mercury QUEEN Tribute In “Wayne’s World” Movie

QUEEN guitarist Brian May says Freddie Mercury ‘loved’ tribute scene in “Wayne’s World” movie. He recently joined Josh God’s YouTube series “Reunited Apart” program.

On December 7th, Josh Gad is also known as an American actor. He kicked off season 2 of his YouTube series. For this time bringing back together with the comedy classic “Wayne’s World” movie cast and crew.

In this episode, there are too many stars of this movie Mike Myers, Dana Carvey, Tia Carrere, and special guests, Alice Cooper, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith, and Brian May of QUEEN.

Brian also recently talked about his number one guitarist list, “I guess this tells me that what I’ve done has affected people, and that means a great deal to me. I will never claim to be a great guitarist in the sense of, you know, a virtuoso. I guess I just try to play from my heart and that’s about it.”

During the interview on “Reunited Apart”, QUEEN guitarist Brian May explains Freddie Mercury thoughts on “Wayne’s World” movie:

“I took it round to Freddie not long before he went and showed it to him. He loved it, he laughed and laughed. He was very weak, but he just smiled and laughed.

I didn’t know that. My little Toronto head can’t handle that. But that’s fantastic. Myers remarked. You did it. You got us back to a new American public, and Freddie was very aware of that. He went to the next place knowing what had happened.”

Watch this entire program below!

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