The 10 Best Calum Scott Songs of All-Time

Calum Scott

British singer-songwriter Calum Scott has released only one album, but it’s an impressive one. According to At Wood Magazine, All of the songs are written or co-written by Scott, and they reflect his life experiences. His powerful voice and emotional honesty have won him fans around the world. British singer Calum Scott first found fame after appearing on the UK’s version of the show “The X Factor” in 2015. He was eliminated during the auditions, but his subsequent covers of popular songs went viral, gaining him millions of views on YouTube.

10. Biblical- Calum Scotts


“Biblical” has a unique sound. The lyrics are straightforward and directly address God. Calum Scott starts off his performance of this song by saying: “You know you’re my God, and I want to take you as far as I can go.” It is a very personal song, both because it’s about his relationship with God and because he wrote it with his father.

9. Need To Know- Calum Scotts


This song is so infectious that it will have you moving within minutes. It’s about how he misses the physical bond he had with his ex-girlfriend, but he knows that getting back together isn’t a good idea. He still cares about her and would like to know if she still cares about him. “You should be here with me, need to know.”

8. What I Miss Most- Calum Scotts


The lyrics to “What I Miss Most” are bittersweet. Calum Scott is talking about the joys of spending time with someone you love. But the tone of the song is intimate and emotional, showing that he’s still sad about his relationship ending. The upbeat rhythm and strong vocals contradict the melancholy subject matter, making “What I Miss Most” one of his most well-known songs.

7. If Our Love Is Wrong- Calum Scotts


This is another upbeat, feel-good song from Calum Scott’s debut album, Make Me Yours. The lyrics talk about the pleasure of being with the one you love, especially when their physical relationship includes touching and kissing. According to, he says that even though he and his girlfriend have a lot of problems, they still can’t keep their hands off each other; “Stay right where you are, if our love is wrong.”

6. Rhythm Inside- Calum Scotts


This is a song from Calum Scott’s X Factor UK audition. It was a favorite among the judges and they used it as his entrance music in 2015. The song is an upbeat, lively number that perfectly captures his personality. The lyrics talk about how much he loves his girlfriend, although she doesn’t always feel the same way. He gives her an encouraging pep talk that ends with: “You matter to me, you matter to me more than you know.”

5. No Matter What- Calum Scotts


This is another song that Calum Scott performs at his live concerts. It has a very positive message that everyone can relate to: “No matter what, I’m gonna love you.” His voice is strong and the emotions are real. The orchestral backing gives the song a different feel than many of the other songs on his album.

4. You Are The Reason (Duet Version)- Calum Scotts


After Calum Scott’s major success with “Dancing On My Own,” he decided to collaborate with another popular artist. He shared the stage at the 2017 Brit Awards with Sam Smith and they performed the song “Stay With Me.” The video was posted on YouTube on May 4, but it didn’t get much attention until Sam Smith’s video for “Too Good At Goodbyes” was uploaded in June. According to Shazam, he loved working with Calum Scott so much that he recorded a new version of “You Are The Reason” and released it as a duet on September 28. It quickly soared to number one in New Zealand and Australia and climbed even further up the charts after it was released as a single.

3. Dancing On My Own (Tiësto Remix)- Calum Scotts


In the summer of 2015, Calum Scott gave fans his take on the song “Dancing On My Own.” The video became a viral hit, with over 100 million views on YouTube. His performance at the BBC Music Awards in 2016 brought this song to a different audience and helped it win the award for Best Cover. The single was followed by another version featuring Finnish DJ Tiesto. It was released in January 2017 and quickly climbed its way to the top of the charts in several countries around the world, including Australia and New Zealand.

2. You Are The Reason- Calum Scotts


This is another live favorite for Calum Scott. He started performing it as his audition song on The X Factor UK. It also appeared in a movie in 2014 and helped raise his profile. According to Song Writer Universe, the lyrics are about how the experiences of the past continue to affect him, but his love for the person described in the song leads him to hope that things will get better.

1. Dancing On My Own- Calum Scott


This song is embedded in many of Calum Scott’s concerts. It perfectly reflects his live performance style, where he moves gracefully around the stage, sometimes doubling up on vocals to make sure that everyone gets a chance to hear his lyrics. The lyrics are a clear depiction of how love can be unhealthy. “Your lies and regrets” represent the hurt you feel when your partner lies to you and makes you regret the time you spent together.

Bottom Line

Calum Scott has the talent and drives to make a name for himself in the world of music. He’s got a strong voice, an edge, and a unique perspective. His lyrics are honest, direct, and expressive. You’ll love his music because it always gives you something to think about. Scott is not afraid to address issues that other artists might avoid, including sex and relationships between men and women. Even though his lyrics are sometimes romantic and sweet, some people might find them too forward for their personal taste. That depends on the listener’s personality, desired listening experience, and mood when they first listen to one of his songs.

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