The 10 Best Dangerous Toys Songs of All-Time

Dangerous Toys

Dangerous Toys is an American, Texas-based rock band. The band released four full-length albums throughout their career, one live album, and were unofficially disbanded after lead singer Jason McMaster’s near-decade-long hiatus. They are best known for their humorous lyrics, which can be found in songs such as “Teas’n Pleas’n” and “Scared.” Their biggest commercial success was with their 1989 debut album Dangerous Toys. The album went certified gold five years after its release peaked at No. 78 on the Billboard 200 charts in January 1992. The band also released two follow-up albums, Hellacious Acres (1991) and Pissed (1994), with different lineups. However, neither of those two albums had much success on the charts.

10. Ten Boots (stompin’) (1989)


Ten Boots (stompin’), released under the album ‘Dangerous Toys,’ is one of the longer songs on Dangerous Toys’ debut album, clocking in at 4 minutes and 40 seconds. After the first verse, the song starts off slow with an acoustic guitar riff but builds up to a rock n roll melody with heavy guitars. It is accompanied by humorous lyrics about slowing down for cops so you can get caught speeding. The song is about a man that kills two people while drinking and driving. He then leaves the scene of the accident, steals a police officer’s gun, gets in his car, and drives back towards the site of the wreck so he can kill more people.

9. Demon Bell (1989)


If you are a metal fan, you’ve probably heard “Demon Bell” as it is the opening song of the album ‘Shocker.’ The lyrics tell a horror story about a man going to an old abandoned church and finding a magic bell that, when he rings it, summons a demon. After summoning the demon, the man’s only way of keeping it from killing him is to give it back its bell. The man then kills himself, which means the demon does not have to go back into the bell.

8. Line ‘Em Up (1991)


Everything about the next song on the list, Line ‘Em Up from the less popular Hellacious Acres album, screams ’90s metal. The dark video is saturated with a yellow-white hue and highlights the band’s look of that decade. In addition, the song starts slow and then builds up to get you head-banging within 2 minutes. Once it gets going, this song does not stop until the end – even after an epic solo. It’s a song that pulls you into the vocals and guitar hooks.

7. Outlaw (1989)


Outlaw from the 1988 album Dangerous Toys is a song about a man who can’t stand being tied down by conventional society, so he turns to crime and lives on the road. The protagonist of this song has been led astray by watching too much television, but “the old west ain’t what it used to be,” and he decides to go on a crime spree because “they say it’s easier living on; the run.” After listening to this song, you will want to take off your car with the windows down.

6. Here Comes Trouble (1989)


When Dangerous Toys released Here Comes Trouble, the song hit the road. Fans related to this song with its lyrics about being a typical Texas band. The song is about a man who “taught me how to fight” and another man who “taught me how to cheat.” At the end of the song, he says, “Here comes trouble, comin’ up behind ya,” which is where the album gets its name. This Texas classic will have you boppin’ your head and singing along to its simple riff.

5. Feel Like Makin’ Love (1991)


To close out the list, here is a song by one of rock’s legendary bands, Bad Company, called ‘Feel Like Makin’ Love.’ The cover was released on the album Hellacious Acres, which also had songs such as ‘Line Em Up’ and ‘Teas’n Pleas’n.’ This cover is a slower, softer song than you would expect from Dangerous Toys. It starts slow and mellow with lyrics about a man who has been left by his lover and is searching for her in bars and clubs at night.

4. Promise the Moon (1994)


Promise the Moon, released on the album Pissed, is one of the Dangerous Toys’ heavier songs. This song will make you want to pick up your guitar and play along because it contains memorable lyrics that are fun to belt out. Although this song seems dark at first glance with lyrics about being willing to sell your soul, it uses a more humorous tone with the classic ‘Dangerous Toys’ attitude.

3. Scared (1989)


The next song in the list is also from Dangerous Toys’ debut album and has what Rolling Stone Magazine called one of the top 50 greatest guitar riffs of all time. It’s called Scared. Unlike most rock songs, Dangerous Toys’ lyrics are always humorous, which is no exception. It’s about a woman who drives too fast because she has “scared eyes.” The next lines describe how her eyes turn red when she blows through stop signs and drives over the speed limit.

2. Oh Well, So What? (1994)


As a rock and a metal fan, you are used to the classics. A list of the top 10 Dangerous Toys songs wouldn’t be complete without including their famous cover of ZZ Top’s, Oh Well, So What? The song is about a woman who gets arrested for getting into a fight with her husband and then proceeds to taunt all the men that arrested her by telling them that she “treats them like dirt.”

1. Teas’n, Pleas’n (1989)


The best Dangerous Toys song is Teas’n, Pleas’n. This song reaches the top of the list because it’s original, and it’s the first track on the band’s debut album. The song starts off with a fast guitar riff that is matched with lyrics about being married for twelve years and still trying to have fun in bed with “teasin’ pleasin'” instead of “puttin’ out” as he used to. In addition, fans can never get tired of this song because it sticks in their head all day after listening to it once.


And there you have it, 10 of the best Dangerous Toys songs of all time. The band might not be that popular, but these songs deserve their due credit. They may be one of the most underrated bands out there today, but they will always be heralded as one of the best glam metal and heavy rock bands to come out of Texas. And even though only the debut album was a hit, the other albums are still well worth the listen.

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