The 10 Best Fenix TX Songs of All-Time

Fenix TX

The American punk band known as Fenix TX was originally founded as Riverfenix in 1995 out of Houston, Texas. As Riverfenix, they released the EP (G.B.O.H.) and the album (Riverfenix) through independent record labels. Founders Damon DeLaPaz, Carl Lockstedt, and Wil Salazar were forced by a court order by the estate of River Phoenix to change the band name. After the changing of the name to Fenix TX, the band signed up with MCA Records in 1999. From 1999 until 2002, Fenix TX released two studio albums through the MCA label before splitting up due to creative differences. September 2005 sees Fenix TX reunite as a band as DeLaPaz and Salazar managed to set whatever differences they had aside and move forward. Together, they release their first live album (Purple Reign in Blood), which was recorded on November 8, 2005, at The Clubhouse in Tempe, Arizona. Alongside the live album’s release, Felix TX announced two farewell tours. The first tour (Before the Blackout, After the Breakup Tour) was held in the United States while the second (Drive-Thru Invasion Tour) took place in Japan. Come April 2006, it was announced Damon DeLaPaz was officially replaced by Ilan Ruban as the band’s drummer.

However, after the tours were completed for 2006, Fenix TX broke up again. Then, come 2009, they reunited again and stayed together long enough to release their final EP (CRE.EP) which was released in September 2016. When Fenix TX first formed as a band, fans of Blink-182 felt violated enough to openly criticize DeLaPaz, Lockstedt, and Salazar as rip-off artists. Even the music critics did not care for them, going as far as dubbing the 1999 album (Fenix TX) as a “very good Blink-182 album”. Despite both bands belonging to the American punk rock genre, the actual music styles between the two are quite different. Blink-182’s style focused more on the core instruments of guitar, bass, and drums, Fenix TX incorporated a more complex guitar arrangement. Furthermore, Fenix TX brought in the trombone, trumpet, and an unconventional vocal technique that gave this band identity of its own. Despite even proving themselves in this regard, Fenix TX had much of its music continually criticized by an audience that had trouble connecting to the band’s style.

10. A Song For Everyone


The album (Lechuza) was released on May 22, 2001, and it received mixed reviews. The track (A Song For Everyone) is favored by fans of Fenix TX, as well as the album, which many YouTube comments by their fans share stories of their time in high school during the early 2000s.

9. Abba Zabba


The 2001 album (Lechuza) brings forth the track (Abba Zabba) and is well-received by fans of Fenix TX. While the song has never been charted on any major music lists, the fans agree it serves as a valuable contribution towards the success of the Lechuza as an alternative punk album as a whole.

8. Spooky Action At a Distance


In 2016, Fenix TX releases their final EP (CRE.EP), which features the track (Spooky Action At a Distance). It was produced by the record label known as Cyber-Tracks, Fenix TX. This song earned more popularity after it was featured in MLB 13: The Show, which is a video game that was launched by Sony Entertainment in March 2013 for their Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita consoles.

7. Surf Song


(Surf Song) was released through the 1999 album (Fenix TX) and earned its way as a favorite among the band’s fans. The album was produced through the independent record label known as Geffen Records. The comments provided by the fans throughout various YouTube and music channels share the same sentiment that Fenix TX did not receive better recognition by music critics who felt they were a cheap knock-off version of Blink-182.

6. Flight 601 (All I Got Is Time)


The gaming industry deserves the credit for bringing the song (Flight 601 (All I Got Is Time)), which seems to have no official attachment to any of the band’s albums. Whenever the subject of Fenix TX comes up among the band’s fans, Flight 601 often comes up, and how the shared comments seem to agree both the song and the band are underrated.

5. Katie W.


Due to the explicit lyrics involved, the song (Katie W.) and the 2001 album (Lechuza) it belongs to, received a flood of criticism that did not work in the band’s favor. However, their fans seem to enjoy the song enough to listen to it often through audio streaming sites such as Last FM.

4. Minimum Wage


The song (Minimum Wage) comes from the debut album (Riverfenix), which was released on December 16, 1997, through the label known as Drive-Thru Records. At the time, Fenix TX was known as Riverfenix before a cease and desist order was issued from the estate of River Phoenix forced the band to change their name. The renamed album (Fenix TX) was released July 13, 1999.

3. Threesome


On the UK Singles Chart, the single (Threesome) reached #66 in 2002. Coming from the band’s 2001 album (Lechuza), it was the second song coming from the discographic portfolio of Fenix TX that would realize any sign of commercially recognized success. The fans of Fenix TX don’t seem to mind it either as it consistently finds itself within the top three favorites of music lists focusing on this American punk band.

2. Phoebe Cates


Coming from the band’s 2001 album (Lechuza), the single (Phoebe Cates) is what the site known as Seat Geek refers to as the closest song coming from Fenix TX that could have brought them from mediocre success to stardom as it was also featured in the 2001 film James B. Rogers sequel film (American Pie 2).

1. All My Fault


The single (All My Fault) is the only song coming from Fenix TX that charted on any form of a US Billboard Chart. It ranked as high as #21 on the Alternative Airplay chart in the year 2000. All My Fault comes from the renamed album (Fenix TX) and is the overall favorite among the band’s fan base. Originally, the album was labeled Riverfenix, but to avoid a lawsuit from the estate of River Phoenix, both the band and their self-titled album changed the name to Fenix TX.

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