The 10 Best Jamie Foxx Songs of All-Time

Jamie Foxx

Comedian. Actor. Singer. There isn’t much that Jamie Foxx couldn’t do. Born Eric Marlon Bishop, Jamie Foxx has been entertaining us since the late 80s. He’s one of only a handful of actors that have won an Academy Award for acting and a Grammy Award as well. It’s an incredible achievement and a mark of talent that only the likes of Foxx has. Although Foxx has focused more on his acting career lately, he’s got plenty of music from previous albums for us to enjoy. Foxx has released 5 studio albums to date, the last one being from 2015. Here are the 10 best Jamie Foxx songs we can play on repeat until he releases another album.

10. DJ Play a Love Song


Released in 2005 from his Unpredictable album, the song peaked at number 5 on the US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. The song is catchy and is a good sampling of early 2000s R&B, much of which we’re missing today. DJ Play a Love Song has three different version, one of which has a rap part featuring Twista. While the song doesn’t highlight Foxx’s vocal range, it does give us a good glimpse of his artistry.

9. You Changed Me featuring Chris Brown


Jamie Foxx has many hidden gems in his music catalog, and You Changed Me is one of them. It’s one of his best singles from his later work, and its R&B just as Foxx does it. Vocally, he sounds perfect on this track. There are no hiding behind autotunes or excessive instrumentals—just a great singer doing what he’s good at. Chris Brown shines here too; his talent is undeniable.

8. Digital Girl


In a star-studded effort, Jamie Foxx still manages to shine brilliantly in his track Digital Girl. It’s an impressive musical journey that features some of the best artist of the time and today—Kanye, Drake, The Dream. There are many layers of music here that’s just good on its own. The chord progression, the bassline, the riffs. They all come together in orchestration to produce one great song.

7. Best Night of My Life


It’s hard to believe sometimes that music is just Foxx’s side career. Had he decided to pursue his music more, we probably wouldn’t know what hit us. Best Night of My Life is much better music compared to so many full-time musicians’ out there. It’s a smooth track that set the pace for the album, which is the song’s namesake.

6. She Got Her Own


Foxx shares the spotlight here with talented artist Ne-Yo, and the song is great because of the collaboration. Foxx can carry on his own, but he knows when to share the responsibility. There’s a simple backing piano melody that drives the song and highlights its simplicity. She Got Her Own is reminiscent of some other Ne-Yo tracks that talk about the power of the woman. We’re definitely all for that.

5. Fall for Your Type


Somber yet soulful, Fall for Your Type is a break from the typical upbeat Foxx. This is one of Foxx’s best work for sure, with the melody and chorus being the highlights of the song. The drum beat is effective, and the lyrics are also some of his most engaging. Drake is impressive here as well, his style a stark contrast to the smooth and melodic approach. This is the kind of song you hear from time to time and can’t believe that you’ve forgotten.

4. Just Like Me


Foxx probably had a ton of fun working on this song; we can just hear it in his delivery. He had some of his best vocal performances here too. There are some parts that almost sounded like an Usher song, but Just Like Me is clearly Foxx just killing it. T.I. is featured on the song, and his addition takes the song to where it needed to go. We need more songs like this from Foxx, and hopefully he gets into a studio soon.

3. Unpredictable


Here we’ve got an actor/singer and a rapper turned actor on one song. It’s totally unpredictably good. Unpredictablehas the catchiest chorus. Foxx’s rasp comes through in the most opportune times. The song gives us flashbacks of those times, and we miss hearing Ludacris on a track. Separating the images of Foxx as a comedian and a singer capable of creating something like Unpredictable is mind-boggling. Unpredictable will go down as one of Foxx’s best.

2. Gold Digger


We get that this is really a Kanye West track, but it’s really Foxx’s vocals that give this song the extra bump it needed to be a bestseller. We also happen to hear his parts played throughout the song. Layered with Kanye’s rap, the entire thing is a powerful combination. This is one of the rare times that we hear Foxx just let his vocals go wild, and it’s extremely satisfying. We know that he’s a brilliant musician (Grammy Award, remember?), and his short part in this song is mighty proof of that.

1. Blame It


There’s no song on Foxx’s catalog better than Blame It. It’s one of the most memorable songs of the 2000s. Foxx doesn’t need autotune—we all know that. But the combination of T-Pain’s signature style and Foxx’s suavity is intoxicating. The music video as well shows us just how much star power Foxx has; he had his Hollywood friends come along for the music ride. These were the days when you can just listen to the music and chill. We finally got a proper song to blame it all on the alcohol; Foxx sang. Props to you talented man.

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