The 10 Best Jim Brickman Songs of All-Time

James Merrill Brickman, whose stage name is Jim Brickman, is a renowned American songwriter, radio host, and pianist. Playing solo as a pianist has helped him earn around 21 number one albums, two Grammy nominations, and 32 Top 20 radio hits. The celebrated pianist credits his most significant break to his debut album, No Words, released in 1995. He’s sold more than eight million albums globally. According to Jim Brickman Bios, Brickman doesn’t choose which genre to play the piano or artists to work with. He’s worked with Kenny Rogers, Kenny Loggins, Martina McBride, etc. Here are the ten best Jim Brickman songs of all time.

10. “Serenade” (2001)


Serenade, in layperson, is music that a man sings in the open air under his lover’s window. It’s a common habit in Mexican soap operas, but the trend is gradually becoming typical even in the US. “Serenade” by Jim Brickman was released in 2001 from his Simple Things album. You can tell that Brickman likens serenading to the simple things in life to make it more entertaining.

9. “Angel Eyes” (1995)


“Angel Eyes” is a song by Brickman for his album, By Heart. He wrote this song for his beloved, describing her angel eyes as the most incredible thing he’s ever seen. Each time he looks at her, he sees the angel’s eyes. He goes on to say it’s a dream come true. We assume he always pictured the type of girl he wanted, and she was right before his eyes. This is an excellent piece for men trying to woo their beloved.

8. “Love Never Fails” (1996)


Love is the greatest gift given to humanity. When you love someone or something, you feel gratified and fulfilled. For some people, falling in love makes them vulnerable to abuse. However, that wasn’t what Brickman wanted to portray through his song, “Love Never Fails.” The singer released this song in 1996 for a movie titled Cinderella, also released the same year. The song also features the special appearance of Amy Sky. Whenever you feel unloved or complacent about love, this is the song you need to listen to restore your hope.

7. “The Love I Found In You” (1999)


“And you’re strong when I’m weak/You’re the words when I can’t speak/ You never fail to see me through/That’s the love I found in you.” These are the words Brickman sang. “The Love I Found In You” is a fantastic track the two-times Grammy award winner pianist released in 1999 from his My Romance: An Evening With Jim Brickman album. The songwriters are Brickman, Tom Douglas, Brad Warren, and Brett Warren. It’s excellent music to listen to beat a heavy traffic jam.

6. “My Heart Belongs to You” feat. Peabo Bryson (1998)


According to Wikipedia, Brickman released the Visions of Love album in 1998. One of the songs on the album is “My Heart Belongs to You” feat. Peabo Bryson. The opening verse is a statement from someone appreciating his friend who came into his life, removing his misery. Sometimes, all you need is a friend who cares about your wellbeing and isn’t afraid to help you navigate life. When you get such a friend, don’t let go as such people are hard to come by.

5. “Love of My Life” (1999)


We’ve all had a love of our lives. We may encounter some by chance, while others by fate. Either way, it’s unsurprising that songs like the “Love of My Life” by Brickman would enter the limelight. The singer released this song in 1999 on his album, Destiny. The singer opens the song through a verse saying he’s amazed when he looks at her and sees her smiling back at him. He says it’s like all his dreams come true. If such powerful words don’t capture your heart as a woman from the man you love, how else will you ever know who the love of your life is? It’s an excellent piece to listen to if you’re romantically involved with someone who knows how to play around with words.

4. “A Mother’s Love” (2009)


According to Jim Brickman Bios, Brickman has also written the best-selling books, besides being a pianist and songwriter. One of the reasons his fans celebrate him is recognizing the unconditional love of mothers. He opens the song by thanking his mother for watching over him and for all the sleepless nights she laid awake. “A Mother’s Love” is one of the excellent pieces to dedicate to mothers looking out for their children.

3. “Valentine” feat. Martina McBride (1997)


If there were a song that charted moderately and exceptionally simultaneously, “Valentine” by Jim Brickman feat. Martina McBride would be it. The duo sang it in 1997 and released it on the album, Picture This. The song peaked at 50 on Billboard Hot 100 and three on Adult Contemporary charts the same year he released it. The song was a sequel to McBride’s single, “A Broken Wing.”

2. “Your Love” feat. Michelle Wright (1998)


“Your Love” is a song sung by Michelle Wright and recorded by Brickman in 1998. It’s the sixth track from his debut album, Visions of Love. The song was written by Brickman, Dane Deviller, and Sean Hosein. The duo did a tremendous job, helping its peak at 42 on Canadian Top Singles, 19th on the US Top Singles, and 16th on Hot Country Songs.

1. “The Gift” feat. Collin Raye & Susan Ashton (1997)


In 1997, Jim Brickman collaborated with Collin Raye and Susan Ashton to release “The Gift” song from the album of the same name. It charted third on the US Adult Contemporary charts and 51st on the Hot Country Songs. Most radio stations play this track around Christmas because it was Brickman’s holiday album.

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