The 10 Best Psychedelic Furs Songs of All-Time

The Psychedelic Furs

Are you familiar with the British band the Psychedelic Furs? If not, you might want to know that they are a punk rock group that has been around since the 1970s. Brothers Richard and Tim Butler had up the act, with Richard on lead vocals and Tim on the bass guitar. If you’re interested in knowing what some of their top songs are, consider the list below, rated number 10 through number one. There’s even a YouTube link for songs so you can listen for yourself.

10. The Ghost In You (1984)

Like so many songs that are made popular by bands of all types, this is a song about love gone wrong. The title basically says it all. Most people agree that the ‘ghost in you’, as the title says, is the ghost of that lost love that it’s still being longed for. It doesn’t matter how that particular love was lost, this is a song that is pertinent for everyone who has ever loved someone and then had to say goodbye, regardless of the reason. It’s also one of the things that makes the song so popular.

9. Heartbreak Beat (1987)

Here, the band starts to show something of a pattern. This song is about love too, but it’s different from the one in the above paragraph. It’s actually about a person that appears to be in love with someone, but the love isn’t genuine. Instead, it’s all about the act of pretending to be in love in order to get what someone wants out of the deal, even though that individual feels virtually nothing for the person that they are pretending to be in love with. For that reason, it’s one of the saddest songs that the band ever produced. It’s also one of their more ominous pieces of work.

8. Like A Stranger (1984)

This is a song that’s all about change. It’s not about the happy kind of change, either. You know, the kind where people are making changes because they’re running toward something better in their life. No, this song is about wanting to connect with someone that you no longer connect with because one or both of you has changed. In short, it’s about that longing that we all feel from time to time when we desperately want things to remain the same in a particular relationship, yet we see ourselves moving apart from that individual. It’s one of the most painful things that a person is ever likely to experience and that pain is reflected in this song.

7. Until She Comes (1991)

In a slight change from the usual fare, this one talks about a relationship that has already gone sour, yet the individual in question is holding out hope that things will turn around and change for the better. In the song, he is waiting until she comes back to him in order for life to resume as normal once again. In short, it’s a song that reflects the way that virtually every person feels when something happens to a relationship that they’re not ready to let go of yet.

6. Wrong Train (2020)

If you want to talk about sad songs, this one probably tops the list. It talks about someone who is completely at the end of their rope. The person’s marriage is falling apart, everything that was once familiar is gone, and he feels like he is just hanging by a thread with no one around him to help him. The song talks about doing everything wrong and all of the terrible things that can happen when people make the wrong choices. It also goes on to reflect that no matter how bad it gets, the person in the song will never go back to the place that he left because anything is better than the pain he felt being in a relationship that was unrequited.

5. Love My Way (1982)

Just as the song’s title implies, this is a song about loving someone strictly for the purpose of loving them. It’s about allowing the societal consequences to fall away when that particular love doesn’t match up with what people think it should be. It talks about loving someone because that’s what the person in the song is feeling, not because it’s what people expect or because it’s what is widely accepted. It also talks about not caring what other people think and breaking through the ‘army on the dance floor’ in order to be with the person that is loved. In short, it refers to finding a way to love that individual, no matter what hardships must be faced in order to accomplish it.

4. Sister Europe (1980)

This song has confused people for a number of years. That’s because it’s not entirely clear exactly what the band is referring to. It’s believed they’re talking about missing their hometown of London. After all, fame and fortune largely took them away from everything that was familiar to them. Many people agree that the song refers to having all of the things that people think they want like massive fame and loads of money, only to find out that those things are not what make people happy in the long run. The band has all of that, yet they are singing about the days prior to all of that when they could just be home and enjoy life.

3. All That Money Wants (1988)

This is another song that talks about the potential perils of money and fame. It’s very easy to fall into the mindset that more money means more happiness. People often tend to think that it solves all of their problems when in fact, that isn’t the case. In fact, it can potentially create plenty of new ones in the right situations. This is a song that talks about believing that money will fix everything, only to find that it fixes absolutely nothing.

2. Pretty In Pink (1981)

This is a song that talks about the person that looks innocent and to a certain degree, even acts innocent. However, she is only playing a part. As the song continues, it talks about the pain and angst that is associated with growing up feeling unwanted and how those feelings have impacted the individual in the song as she has grown up. She ends up being a person who will go to bed with anyone, all in a bid to feel wanted.

1. Here Come Cowboys (1984)

If you think the song is really about cowboys, think again. Instead, it serves as a metaphor for anyone who is just waiting for someone to come and save them from their current situation. Who hasn’t wished for such a thing at some point in their life? This is the song that talks about those feelings and that desire to have someone, anyone, who cares enough to come and be somebody’s savior.

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  1. Wrong train isn’t the best track from their latest release in my opinion. Have you heard “Don’t believe”?

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