The 10 Best Slim Thug Songs of All-Time

Slim Thug is an American rapper who started performing in the late 1990s. However, he didn’t become prominent until his debut album, Already Platinum, climbed to the number two spot on the Billboard Hot 200 in 2005. Since then, Slim Thug has maintained a stream of new releases that is impressive in its steadiness.

Here is our opinion of the ten best Slim Thug songs released so far:

10. “Still Tippin”

Strictly speaking, “Still Tippin” was Mike Jones’s song. Specifically, it was his debut single, which earned him a platinum certification in the United States. Jones deserves the bulk of the credit. Still, some go to the featured artists. One was Paul Wall, while the other was Slim Thug. Reportedly, “Still Tippin” gave the latter a sizable shot of credibility when he was still getting off the ground.

9. “I Ain’t Heard of That”

“I Ain’t Heard of That” was one of five singles from Slim Thug’s debut album, Already Platinum. It met with a less enthusiastic reception than its counterparts. This can be seen in how it failed to show up on any of the charts they did. Even so, “I Ain’t Heard of That” was one of the contributors to the album’s eventual platinum certification.

8. “Summertime”

Slim Thug released “Summertime” in 2012. Curiously, it was a non-album single. Something that makes it stand out among his discography. Regardless, “Summertime” reached the number 72 position on the U.S. R&B chart. That’s understandable because its premise and execution make it an easy song to like.

7. “3 Kings”

This was the second single from Already Platinum. The song beat “I Ain’t Heard of That” by making it to the 78th spot on the R&B charts. Perhaps unsurprisingly, “3 Kings” was made possible by a team-up of three artists. Slim Thug took the lead, while the other two were T.I. and Bun B. Subject-wise, the song is as boastful as one would expect when Slim Thug was still carving out a place for himself in the mid-2000s.

6. “Peaceful”

Some have been known to wonder whether we remain the same people after months, years, and decades have passed. It’s a classic example of overthinking things. No one thinks of people as being limited to specific points in time. Instead, each of us is an unbroken succession of moments throughout our lifetime. Thanks to that, there’s no point when we become something other than ourselves, no matter how much we change. Still, the sheer extent that people can change makes it easy to understand why some wonder about this question. “Peaceful” is proof of that because it’s a far cry from Slim Thug’s earlier releases. It isn’t absent of a young man’s hunger, but it’s much more focused on an older individual’s desire to enjoy what he has in splendid isolation. This doesn’t make “Peaceful” a bad song. If anything, it holds its own, particularly for those who can sympathize with its general mood.

5. “So High”

“So High” came from Tha Thug Show in 2010. Amusingly, it isn’t about what interested individuals might assume it’s about based on its name. Instead, it saw Slim Thug boasting about his ability to pleasure his partner. The song is notable for being one of his releases that got considerable mainstream attention. It was never on the Billboard Hot 100 but was number 25 on the Bubbling Under Hot 100.

4. “Lovin’ You (On My Mind)”

“Lovin’ You (On My Mind)” has a cynical attitude toward romantic relationships. The narrator is interested in his significant other. However, he chooses to prioritize his career over her. Partly, this is because he’s running on a sink-or-swim mentality. He thinks there’s a real chance he’ll wind up where he started if he slacks off. Something he has no interest in seeing happen. Besides this, the narrator justifies his priorities by saying chances are good that his significant other is with him because of his money. As such, he isn’t sacrificing his relationship for his career because he wouldn’t have his relationship without his career. Whether he’s right or wrong, the narrator does have a point about financial security making for stronger relationships, if only because arguing about money can devastate such ties over time.

3. “Wood Grain Wheel”

Reportedly, “Wood Grain Wheel” was supposed to be on Boss of All Bosses. It failed to make it in, so it was released on a collaborative album. The result is simple but more than capable of serving its intended purpose. Its lyrics offer an excellent look at the persona that Slim Thug projected in those days.

2. “I Run”

“I Run” was Slim Thug’s lead single from his second album, Boss of All Bosses. It seems safe to say that the man avoided the sophomore curse. Boss of All Bosses didn’t manage the same numbers as Already Platinum. Despite that, it was number 15 on the Billboard Hot 200. “I Run” can claim a share of the credit, not least because it started strong by being number 20 on U.S. Rap and number 49 on the U.S. R&B charts. The song was also number 9 on the Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100, the highest Slim Thug has ever reached on that chart.

1. “Like a Boss”

“Like a Boss” kicked off Already Platinum. As such, it was Slim Thug’s introduction to many listeners. The song is exactly as bombastic as expected from its title. However, it’s the man’s execution that sets it apart. Anyone can boast about themselves, but few can do so with the same skill.

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