The 10 Best Thomas Rhett Songs of All Time

Thomas Rhett and wife Lauren Akins

It is hard not to love Thomas Rhett’s songs. Known professionally as Thomas Rhett, Thomas Rhett Akins Jr. is a Grammy-nominated pop country music songwriter and singer. His catalog includes songs that show off his fine side as well as the romance that is fast becoming his trademark sound. If you are looking to kick back to his music, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best Thomas Rhett Songs you can listen to.

10. Something to Do with My Hands


Something to Do with My Hands introduced Rhett to country music fans through the subtle use of double-entendre. Released in 2012, this song is credited to Rhett, Chris Stapleton, and Lee Thomas Miller. It is one of his earliest songs and features a very clever composition.

9. Beer with Jesus


Rhett released Beer with Jesus in September 2012. It was the second single of It Goes Like This – his debut album. Generally, this song has an earthy, country-infused sound and thought-provoking lyrics. It was written in collaboration with Lance Miller and Rick Huckaby. In a review for Taste of Country, Billy Dukes gave Beer with Jesus three and a half out of five stars, saying that it “…benefits from an inherited familiarity. It allows one to enjoy it more easily after just one listen.

8. Crash and Burn


When Rhett released Crash and Burn, it marked a slight shift in his sound by introducing a certain groove. Crash and Burn will not have you on your feet dancing, but you will no doubt want to sing along to each note and tap your feet to the music. It was released as the lead single to the album Tangled Up, co-produced by Jesse Frasure, and co-written by Christ Stapleton.

7. Playing with Fire


Playing with Fire is also a track from the Tangled Up album. In it, Rhett adds a new edge to his already-impressive vocals as he tries to match the power delivered by the talented Jordin Sparks. The song charted on the country charts, rising to Top 40, according to New Country Songs. Although it was not a single, it was a special collaboration that further cemented Rhett’s fan base.

6. Star of the Show


The romance between Rhett and his wife Lauren has kept fans hooked from the moment they first learned about it. In Star of the Show, Rhett croons about the love of his life, leaving female fans everywhere swooning at the romantic, heartfelt lyrics. This song was written and released in 2016 and immediately dominated the radio airwaves. The writing was a collaboration with Ben Hayslip and Rhett Akins – Rhett’s own father, which made it all the more special.

5. Get Me Some of That


The release of Get Me Some of That in 2013 revealed more of the artist’s sexy side, transforming him from the kid next door with the ball cap and beard to one of the hottest young country music singers at the time. Get Me Some of That was written in collaboration with Rhett Akins – again – and was a chart-topper. Its allure is that it does not shy away from its intention – showing off Rhett’s sexy side.

4. Craving You


Craving You – released in 2017 – is a song about addictive love. It featured Maren Morris and was written by Julian Bunetta and Dave Barnes. By July 2017, it was topping the Billboard Country Airplay charts as reported by The Country Daily. Besides the catchy music, Craving You was an instant hit thanks to its movie-like music video. The video features Morris and Rhett involved in a bank heist.

3. It Goes Like This


It Goes Like This was the first song to propel Rhett to the top of country music charts. This achievement was even more special since Rhett wrote the song alongside his father. Released in 2013, It Goes Like This features some impressive drum work and the sexy drawl Rhett is known for. The song is part of his album by the same name and was also written by Jimmy Robbins and Ben Hayslip. Oddly, it is about writing a song, and fans loved it since it was the artist’s first number one hit.

2. Make Me Wanna


Make Me Wanna is the perfect mixture of everything you want in a song. Think of it as a blend of Conway Twitty, Barry White, and The Bee Gees. Released as a single, this song is considered one of Rhett’s best works to date, which is partly because of its memorable arrangement. Make Me Wanna is a carefree song with a somewhat disco beat that is both beautiful and irresistible. It was written by Larry McCoy, Bart Butler, and Rhett, serving as the fifth single in the It Goes Like This album. In addition to expanding his fan base, Make Me Wanna established Rhett as a notable name in the country industry.

1. Die A Happy Man


If you are familiar with this song, you know it had to top this list. Die A Happy Man is the song most people associate with Thomas Rhett. It is one of the most heartfelt romantic songs released by a country artist in a long time and introduces Rhett’s fairytale-like relationship with Lauren to his fans for the first time. Since the song’s release, Rhett’s fans have been following this relationship, and with good reason – it is downright beautiful! Relationship aside, Die A Happy Man is a very catchy tune with lovely lyrics and beautiful visuals. It made history chats for the artist by dominating the Hot Country Songs chart for 17 weeks from November 2015. It was written by Joe Spargur, Sean Douglas, and Rhett. As of the writing of this article, it has over 250 million views on YouTube.

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