The 10 Best Trixter Songs of All-Time


Trixter is an American glam metal band. The band was originally formed in 1983 by Steve Brown, Pete Loran, Alan Chapple, and Tony Markellis under the name “First Kiss.” After releasing one album with this lineup, lead singer Michael Flamion left the band, and Loran assumed the role. The band’s name was then changed to Trixter in 1988, and they were signed to MCA Records shortly after that. They released their self-titled debut album Trixter in 1990.

10. Walk With a Stranger (2012)


The inspiration for the song came from a real-life experience that Trixter frontman Steve Brown had. He was visiting his parent’s home in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey (close to where he grew up) when they reported seeing suspicious men casing their house the night before. The next day it happened again, and this time Brown’s father confronted the two men, and they escaped in a car with another man who had been waiting nearby. Brown explains: “I immediately thought of the myth of The Bermuda Triangle or some kind of ‘X’ Zone or some mysterious place on earth where things like this happen, and it was very puzzling to me as a kid, why these places exist where strange things happen.” Brown said about the song, “The music is very ominous-sounding, and it’s kind of got this dark side to it. The lyrics are very positive; they’re basically about finding the light through the darkness.

9. Rockin’ Horse (1992)


Steve Brown and Johnny Lima write Rockin’ Horse. It was first recorded as a demo in 1991 (produced by Beau Hill) and later appeared on Trixter’s 1992 album Hear! The music video for Rockin’ Horse was filmed near Indian Dunes, California. The lyrics are about a guy who turns to his old Ford Mustang for solace after a failed relationship.

8. Human Era (2015)


Human Era is a great song, and the lyrics are about someone who believes that this generation lacks style, creativity, and originality. According to the band members, they felt like they had stepped into a time machine when visiting Las Vegas because so much of what existed in the city was merely a copy of something else. The song also deals with the use and allure of technology.

7. Road of a Thousand Dreams (1992)


The song’s title is based on a sign located at the top of Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort, near Brown’s home in California. It had always reminded him of the album title Hear! However, he only came up with the lyric “Road of a Thousand Dreams” without knowing what it meant (and originally wrote it down as “Road of a Thousand Dances”). After he researched Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort and discovered the “1,000 Dreams” sign, he found out what it meant.

6. On And On (1960)


On And On is from the album Trixter, and it is about a guy who tries to convince a girl that he loves her and wants to be with her forever. He uses “I want you on and on” as his crescendo. The lyrics were inspired by the song Save the Last Dance for Me by The Drifters, which said, “I want you to be mine forever with your hand in my hand.”

5. Rockin’ to the Edge of the Night (2015)


Rockin’ to the Edge of the night’s lyrics are about living for the moment and enjoying life. It also speaks of never having any regrets (“No matter what you do or say, baby look me in the eye”). The song is all about living in the moment, loving with your heart, not thinking too much about anything else but the moment. The music video was filmed in Italy, and it shows the band performing for a massive crowd of fans who are celebrating the return of rock n’ roll.

4. Tattoos & Misery (2012)


From the album, New Audio Machine, Tattoos & Misery is a song about life with interesting relationships, “It’s kind of about relationships in general and the rollercoaster ride that they can be.” In his book One Way Out: The Inside History of the Allman Brothers Band, Joel Selvin wrote that Trixter guitarist Steve Brown co-wrote “Tattoos & Misery” with Gregg Allman. In a 2012 interview with Sleaze Roxx, Brown said that he and Allman did not pen the track together, but Allman’s lyrical contributions helped Brown complete the song.

3. Surrender (1990)


Surrender is a song about addiction. It also features some great guitar playing by Steve Brown in the break section. The song’s name came to Jim Peterik when he was driving home one night and heard the radio DJ say “surrender to temptation,” right after mentioning Gregg Allman’s name. That was enough for him; it was his way of saying that someone gives in to their temptations and bad habits.

2. One in a Million (1990)


One In A Million is a song about the life of a musician. It describes the difficulties and sense of loss caused by time spent on tour with little stability at home while expressing a desire for someone to be there when they get back. An article inspired the title that Jeff Pollard saw in either YM or TigerBeat Magazine, which discussed the lives of teen heartthrobs. They would have graced the covers of these magazines, promising that they were “Just one in a million.” Jeff was struck by this line, thinking that he wouldn’t want to be just another face in the crowd.

1. Give It to Me Good (1990)


Give it to Me Good is the first single from Trixter’s 1990 self-titled album. Jim Peterik and Marc Elliott wrote it. The song reached #12 on the Billboard Album Rock Tracks chart in 1990. The lyrics are about a guy who wants his girl back, but he’s unsure how. The song was also the band’s only top 40 hit, peaking at number 39 on the Billboard Hot 100. “Give It To Me Good” peaked at No. 12 on Mainstream Rock Tracks in 1990. The song reached No. Thirty-nine on the “Billboard” Hot 100 chart in the U.S. also became their only top 40 hit in Canada, peaking at No. 31 on the “RPM” Top Singles chart.


Trixter is an American glam metal band formed in New Jersey in 1983. With several studio albums under their belt, they are still creating new music and touring around the U.S. Trixter has become popular because of their powerful sound and lyrics, which revolve mostly around relationships.

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