The 10 Best Vampire Weekend Songs of All-Time

There are few bands that can make you feel as good as Vampire Weekend can. Their music is upbeat and happy, and it’s impossible not to smile when you hear their songs. They have been around for over a decade now, and they show no signs of slowing down. In this article, we will take a look at the 10 best Vampire Weekend songs of all time.

10. “Hannah Hunt,”


Hannah Hunt is a beautiful ballad that tells the story of a relationship that is slowly falling apart. The song is incredibly sad, but it’s also one of the most beautiful songs that Vampire Weekend has ever written. It was released on their third album, Modern Vampires. This beautiful song has been featured in many television shows and movies, including The Fault in Our Stars.

9. “Ottoman,”


Vampire Weekend’s second single, “Ottoman,” is a B-side to their first single, “Holiday.” It was released on October 29, 2007, as a digital download only in the United Kingdom. According to Classic Rock History, the song is named after the furniture, which is also the name of the band’s bassist, Chris Baio. “Ottoman” is an up-tempo song with a synth-pop sound. The lyrics are about a relationship that is not working out. It has been featured in many television shows and movies, including Gossip Girl, The O.C., and Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist.

8. “Walcott,” Vampire Weekend (2008)


Vampire Weekend’s self-titled debut album is full of great songs, but “Walcott” might be the best of them all. It’s a perfect example of the band’s ability to take seemingly disparate elements and meld them into something cohesive and beautiful. The song’s Afro-pop influences are obvious, but they’re blended with indie rock, classical music, and even a bit of country. The lyrics of “Walcott” are just as interesting as the music. They’re written from the perspective of a young man who is in love with a girl named Hannah. However, he’s worried that he’s not good enough for her. It is a song that you will find in the soundtrack of movies like “The Bling Ring” and “The To-Do List.”

7. “Giving Up the Gun,” Contra (2010)


Released as the third single from their second album, “Giving Up the Gun” is a propulsive, anthemic track that finds Vampire Weekend at their most arena-ready. Built around a kinetic guitar riff and Ezra Koenig’s catchy, sing-along lyrics, the song is a perfect example of the band’s ability to craft infectious pop hooks. According to Paste Magazine, this song was recorded in the album’s early stages and was actually the first Vampire Weekend song to be written on piano. It has been featured in many films and tv shows, including (500) Days of Summer and Gossip Girl.

6. “Oxford Comma,” Vampire Weekend


Few Vampire Weekend songs are as divisive as “Oxford Comma.” It’s a love-it-or-hate-it kind of song, and there’s really no middle ground. You either think it’s the best song on the album, or you can’t stand it. The song is about, well, the Oxford comma – specifically, the debate over whether or not it’s necessary. Ezra Koenig takes the side of those who believe the Oxford comma is essential, and he makes his case in the form of a catchy, bouncy song. The lyrics are clever and witty, and that is why it has been featured in numerous commercials and TV shows like The Office.

5. “Diane Young,” Modern Vampires of the City


“Diane Young” is one of the most energetic and fun Vampire Weekend songs. The song is about a person who is addicted to drugs and parties too much. The song was recorded in 2012 under the album, Modern Vampires of the City. This song hit number sixteen on the US Alternative Songs chart. That is why it has been used in soundtracks for the movie, The Hangover Part III and the video game, FIFA 14. It was also used in a commercial for Beats by Dre headphones.

4. “Cape Cod Kwassa,”


“Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” is a perfect example of Vampire Weekend’s ability to take disparate elements and turn them into something cohesive and exciting. According to George Town Voice, the song is built around a sample of a traditional Kwassa Kwassa chant but also features elements of Afrobeat and indie rock. The song is about lead singer Ezra Koenig’s then-girlfriend, now wife, and shows how love can be both exhilarating and frustrating. It has been featured in a number of TV shows and movies, like The Bling Ring.

3. “A-Punk,” Vampire Weekend


This song was released under the record label XL Recordings and was produced by Rostam Batmanglij. It is about a relationship between two people who are in love with each other. The song was written by Ezra Koenig and Rostam Batmanglij. It reached number 37 on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart. This song has been featured in various television shows and movies such as The O.C., and Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist.

2. “How Long?,” Father of the Bride


This song is about the eternal question: how long will we live? And while it’s a bit of a downer, Vampire Weekend manages to make it sound uplifting. The song reached number 21 on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart. It has also been featured in a number of films and TV shows, including The Fault in Our Stars, and The End of the Tour.

1. “This Life,” Father of the Bride


The lead single off of Vampire Weekend’s fourth studio album, “This Life” is an instant classic. The song is about, well, live – the good and the bad. It talks about how life is beautiful and how it can be hard, but in the end, it’s all worth it. That is why it has been featured in so many movies and TV shows (including an episode of Grey’s Anatomy). It’s a song that gives you the feeling of hope and happiness, and that is why it is number one on our list.


Well, there you go – the ten best Vampire Weekend songs of all time. All these songs are amazing and each has its own special meaning. Every Vampire Weekend fan will love at least one of these songs if not all of them. So go ahead and give them a listen, you won’t regret it.

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