The 10 Best Clinton Kane Songs of All-Time

Clinton Kane is a self-taught Australian singer-songwriter. He sang in church before he started uploading music to his YouTube channel. By 2019, he had become prominent enough to secure a record deal with Columbia Records. Since then, Kane has released numerous songs. Most are non-album singles. However, interested individuals should know that the most famous ones come from his debut album, Maybe Someday It’ll All Be Okay. Only time can reveal how his career will unfold in the future.

Here is our opinion of the ten best Clinton Kane songs released so far:

10. “So I Don’t Let Me Down”

“So I Don’t Let Me Down” comes from the start of Kane’s record deal. As such, it makes sense that the song is about how one should react to changes around oneself. Everyone has to deal with this at some point because nothing can stay the same forever. Still, different people can respond in any number of ways. Kane’s position can be described as going with the flow. Change is inevitable. What people can do is adapt to the best of their abilities.

9. “Drown”

Kane has already started working with other artists. For instance, he provided the vocals for Martin Garrix’s “Drown” in 2020. The release met with a decent reception. It was a Top 40 hit in Belgium and the Netherlands. Similarly, it was number 20 on New Zealand’s Hot Singles Chart.

8. “I Don’t Want to Watch the World End with Someone Else”

This song isn’t as strange as it sounds on initial consideration. More than one artist has worked with apocalyptic themes. On top of that, countless individuals have expressed the desire to treasure what they have because of the fear that the world could come crashing down on them unexpectedly. Still, Kane managed to weave the two together skillfully and refreshingly, thus making it worth listening to.

7. “Mexico”

Kane has no connection to Mexico. He’s an Australian whose parents came from Norway and the Phillippines. Besides that, he has lived in Brunei, England, Greece, and the United States. However, the choice of Mexico for this song’s name makes sense when one realizes it’s about the narrator’s wandering in search of a place where he can belong. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it took cues from Kane’s struggles with depression. Something he wasn’t encouraged to speak up about when he was growing up.

6. “Dancing All Alone”

“Dancing All Alone” has an evocative name. After all, it encourages people to wonder why the narrator would do so. The obvious answer is that they have no one to dance with. Funny enough, that is and isn’t the answer. The narrator says they’re alone despite being surrounded by other people. Something that might painfully resonate with listeners who have experienced similar feelings of isolation.

5. “Go to Hell”

Most people experience a roiling mess of emotion when their relationship ends sharply and suddenly. Interested individuals should be able to guess this song’s narrator loathes his ex for cheating. Despite that, he’s torn because he still has positive feelings for them. The result is a messy but relatable song. That is as it should be when it covers terrible breakups.

4. “14”

Adolescence tends to be a memorable time. After all, people are transitioning from childhood to adulthood, meaning they are neither one nor the other but something between these two stages. Due to this, it’s natural for adolescents to struggle with various issues as they gradually come to understand themselves. There’s no doubt that this song about the teenage years comes from someone who still remembers that part of their life well.

3. “Avo Toast”

“Avo Toast” refers to the much memed-about avocado toast. Funny enough, the titular phrase never comes up in the lyrics. Instead, it’s presumably named thus because it’s a comfort food. That makes sense because the song is about drawing strength from a significant other, who gives their support even though the narrator doesn’t always feel he deserves it.

2. “Chicken Tendies”

“Chicken Tendies” is one of the four singles from Maybe Someday It’ll All Be Okay. Specifically, it’s one of the two that met with the most success. The song received a gold certification in the United States. On top of that, it charted in the United States, the United Kingdom, and other countries. Some might expect the song to be somewhat silly because of its name. If so, they’re much mistaken. The song is about coming to terms with his complicated relationship with his minister mother. “Chicken Tendies” is named thus because fans started joking when they heard him singing about cooking someone else’s favorite food. Coincidentally, chicken tenders were his mother’s favorite food, so it isn’t hard to see how the name stuck.

1. “I Guess I’m in Love”

“I Guess I’m in Love” would be the even more successful single from Maybe Someday It’ll All Be Okay. For instance, it received a platinum rather than gold certification in the United States. Similarly, it charted at higher positions in more countries for the most part. Put together, “I Guess I’m in Love” is Kane’s most recognizable song by a considerable margin. It isn’t the most complicated work ever penned. Luckily, it didn’t need to be because its simplicity contributed to its emotional power. Naturally, Kane’s skillful singing also added much to that equation.

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