The 10 Best Becky Hill Songs of All-Time

Becky Hill is an English singer-songwriter who competed in the first series of The Voice UK. She didn’t win. Instead, she was eliminated in Week 5. However, one can argue that Hill is the single most successful artist to emerge from The Voice UK so far. After all, she has released a number-one hit in the United Kingdom. Something that none of her fellow competitors can claim. So far, Hill has released an enormous number of singles. As such, interested individuals have no shortage of music they can check out.

Here is our opinion of the ten best Becky Hill songs released so far:

10. “Heaven On My Mind”

“Heaven On My Mind” is one of the five singles from Hill’s debut studio album, Only Honest On the Weekend. She has said the song took inspiration from her then-recent experiences. On the one hand, her career was taking off; on the other hand, her personal life saw several notable disruptions. As such, “Heaven On My Mind” was based on the thought that she would eventually emerge from her troubles. A message that resonated with listeners because the song went platinum in the United Kingdom.

9. “Piece of Me”

Hill is one of those artists who release a sizable body of music before their debut studio albums. For proof, look no further than her debut compilation album, Get to Know, which collected songs from 2013 to 2019. “Piece of Me” is one of the more successful of those songs. It went double-platinum in the United Kingdom. On top of that, it reached the number 37 position on that country’s chart.

8. “My Heart Goes (La Di Da)”

“My Heart Goes (La Di Da) is another single from Only Honest On the Weekend. It rose higher than “Heaven On My Mind” but stopped at the number 11 position in the United Kingdom. The album’s success can be seen in how “My Heart Goes (La Di Da)” wasn’t even its second-highest-charting song, depending on how one counts things.

7. “Crazy What Love Can Do”

There are not one but two collaborations with David Guetta on this list. The first is “Crazy What Love Can Do,” a song released on two studio albums. One was the deluxe version of Only Honest On the Weekend, while the other was Ella Henderson’s Everything I Didn’t Say and More. That makes sense because both Hill and Henderson provided vocals for the song. Regardless, its uplifting message of love and empowerment connected with the listeners, who made it a number-five hit in the United Kingdom.

6. “Afterglow”

Technically, “Afterglow” is a Wilkinson song. However, it counts for this list anyway because Hill was the one who provided the vocals. It is an excellent example of how her collaborations with other artists have paid off for her over time. After all, “Afterglow” was a number-eight hit that went double-platinum in the United Kingdom in 2013. It seems safe to say that gave Hill much-needed credibility when she was still carving out a place for herself in the music industry. This is particularly true because she didn’t get to release a single as the lead artist until 2014.

5. “Lose Control”

“Lose Control” is the product of another collaboration. In its case, it came into existence through Hill’s teamwork with Meduza and Goodboys. Both of the latter are focused on production, so it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that Hill’s voice is loud and clear in this song. “Lose Control” was a hit in the usual markets. However, it also sold well in other countries, including Australia, Germany, and Sweden.

4. “Disconnect”

“Disconnect” was released as the second single of Hill’s second studio album. This song is a fine reminder that Hill’s career is still burning bright. Consider how it reached the number-two position on the United Kingdom’s dance chart. On top of that, it also secured significant mainstream success by claiming the number-six spot on the UK Singles Chart.

3. “Better Off Without You”

Only Honest On the Weekend’s first single was “Better Off Without You.” One can’t help but suspect that there was a personal element to the sense of liberation coming from the lyrics. Those curious should know that Hill lost several relationships for one reason or another during the lead-up to her debut studio album. One of those was a break-up with a significant other. It seems reasonable to speculate that “Better Off Without You” was no coincidence in that context. Regardless, people liked the song to the extent of making it platinum-certified in its home market.

2. “Remember”

“Remember” would be the other David Guetta collaboration on this list. It is also an Only Honest On the Weekend single. Specifically, it’s the most successful of the lot. The song never hit the top of the charts, but it came close by claiming a third-place finish. Even so, it did sell well enough to go double-platinum in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Sweden. The song even went gold in the United States.

1. “Gecko (Overdrive)”

“Gecko” comes from Oliver Heldens. The “(Overdrive)” indicates that this is the second version, qualifying for this list because it features Hill as a guest vocalist. The release was an incredible success that topped the mainstream and dance charts in the United Kingdom. Simultaneously, it broke through in other markets, even though it wasn’t as popular there. Critically, “Gecko (Overdrive)” was released in 2014. That means it boosted Hill’s career at its start. She wouldn’t see similar results for several releases. Even now, it remains her highest-charting single in her home country.

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