The 10 Best Coco Jones Songs of All-Time

By now, there is a long tradition of ex-Disney stars launching independent music careers. Coco Jones is an excellent example. Those curious should know her father was an NFL father while her mother was a session vocalist. That background presumably contributed to her signing with Disney as a child. Subsequently, she worked with the company in various ways. Critically, this included a record deal with Hollywood Records. Something that paved the way for her musical endeavors as an adult. Jones signed another record deal with Def Jam Recordings in 2022. As such, it seems safe to say that she’ll continue releasing new music.

Here is our opinion of the ten best Coco Jones songs released so far:

10. “Chandelier”

“Chandelier” is an electropop song released by Sia in 2014. It was well-received, so much so that it was a number-one or two hit in several countries. This would be Jones’s cover of the song. It can’t match up to the original. However, it’s different enough to have stepped out of the original’s shadow, meaning it doesn’t need to.

9. “What I Said”

Jones was a cast member of Let It Shine in 2012. Unsurprisingly, she contributed to the movie’s soundtrack. One of her songs is “What I Said.” It doesn’t have the honor of being her first single. Even so, it’s notable because it reached the number four position on the Kid Digital Songs chart.

8. “Guardian Angel”

“Guardian Angel” is another song from the same soundtrack. Unlike “What I Said,” it’s the product of a team-up between Jones and her co-star, Tyler James Williams. Luckily, the two worked well together, thus making it more than what it would’ve been under other circumstances. “Guardian Angel” manages to be an enjoyable pick-me-up for people who are feeling down.

7. “Love Is War”

Some relationships are harmonious. In contrast, others are fraught with conflict. Indeed, the situation in “Love Is War” is so contentious that it’s a miracle that the two haven’t broken up. Something that the lyrics acknowledge by pointing out that the relationship is constantly one step away from being over. Still, “Love Is War” is on this list because drama can make for some of the best musical storytelling.

6. “Headline”

Speaking of which, “Headline” is set in the aftermath of a relationship. To be exact, the lyrics suggest it’s happening when the narrator confronts her ex after her ex cheated on her. The song is named thus as a warning. After all, the narrator talks about what she can be like with a fair amount of menace, which matters because she’s threatening to turn her ex into a headline. Of course, some have been known to focus more on the narrator’s message of resilience amid romantic turmoil, meaning they see the song from a more empowering angle.

5. “Depressed”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, “Depressed” touches upon mental health to some extent. However, the core of the song is more focused on social media. This is because the narrator is contrasting two things. First, she talks about how she presents herself to the outside world as living a perfect life. Second, she lets slip the truth of things, which is much less flattering. Ultimately, “Depressed” is a criticism of how social media encourages people to engage in status competition that is detrimental to their well-being.

4. “Stand Up”

“Stand Up” is the first single that Jones has ever released. Its name says everything about its contents. As such, it’s somewhat cliched. Still, Jones performed well enough that the message has been known to resonate with listeners. That’s extra impressive considering her relative inexperience as an artist at the time.

3. “Spend It”

Some might be tempted to guess that “Spend It” has a materialistic theme. If so, they’d be wrong because it’s the opposite. “Spend It” is named thus because its narrator wants to spend all her time with the person who has caught her eye. One could argue that speaks volumes about the strength of her feelings. Time is the one thing that we can never recover. Everyone has a limited supply. Once time has been spent, there’s no way for it to be replenished. As such, wanting to spend time with someone can be a heavy investment from some perspectives.

2. “Caliber”

It’s easy to see why people would interpret “Caliber” as an empowering song. To an extent, it’s the narrator’s attitude that oozes self-assurance. However, the song’s message contributes much to the point. Those curious should know that the narrator has spotted someone checking her out. She has yet to say “Yes” or “No.” Instead, she’s checking out this person because she has expectations for people who want to start a relationship with her. As far as the narrator is concerned, those who can’t be bothered to make an effort shouldn’t approach her in the first place. That makes it clear that she has a strong sense of self-worth.

1. “ICU”

Jones released “ICU” as a single from What I Didn’t Tell You in 2022. It’s more interesting than the average love song because it focuses on how personal changes affect relationships. Listeners agreed with this because they propelled the single to the number 16 spot on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. Simultaneously, it climbed to the 62nd position on the Hot 100. These things mean “ICU” is the first of Jones’s singles to show on a major music chart. It could be the start of a new stage in her music career.

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